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Cloakroom Toilets Buying Guide


A cloakroom or en-suite is generally smaller in size than most rooms in the home and therefore space has to be utilised in the best possible way. Cloakroom toilets are slightly smaller than regular toilets to ensure the space in a cloakroom isn't wasted.

What Is A Cloakroom Toilet

A cloakroom toilet is designed to fit into smaller rooms like en-suites and cloakrooms. These compact toilets are usually slimmer than standard toilets or have a shorter projection, or a combination of both, sometimes combined with a basin. The slight reduction in size can really make a huge impact in smaller bathrooms by giving you more room.

What You Need To Know About Cloakroom Toilets

Cloakroom toilets are perfect for small spaces including small bathrooms and en-suites. The reduced width and depth allows this toilet to be fitted into a small space easily and allows the room to breathe. They make small spaces easier to clean, as they allow vacuums and cleaning products to navigate around them, and they also make the space less cramped making it appear bigger than it really is.

What's In The Box?

When you buy a cloakroom toilet you'll usually get a cistern and pan together although you can just buy a pan on its own. Cloakroom toilets tend to come with a button flush. A toilet seat and fixing kit usually comes with your toilet too but not in every case.

What Isn't?

If your cloakroom toilet hasn't come with a fixing kit you'll need to buy one of these. These aren't expensive and are a relatively small cost compared to the toilet itself. A toilet seat is essential so if yours doesn't come with one you'll need to purchase one of these separately. Prices normally start from £12.95.

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