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Cloakroom Basins Buying Guide


Fancy giving your cloakroom or en-suite a makeover that's both stylish and practical? Perhaps you've got a guest bathroom that needs a bit of attention? Our comprehensive range of cloakroom basins is absolutely perfect for smaller spaces - in this guide we'll explain why you should consider one for your home.

Why should I choose a cloakroom basin?

Featuring all the style of larger basins, these slimline designs are much more compact, allowing you to install them in small bathroom spaces without encountering some of the issues that might occur if you try and cram a larger basin in. Cloakroom basins are also seriously affordable too, so they're a great choice if you're renovating on a tight budget.

What materials are these basins made from?

You might be thinking that because of their small size these basins might somehow compromise on quality - but don't worry they're all manufactured to the highest possible standard using high quality materials. The majority of our cloakroom basins are made using ceramic, while some are crafted using vitreous china. You'll notice that a lot of these basins come with at least a 5 year guarantee to reassure you of their quality; they're built to last!

Do I need to buy any additional parts?

When you purchase your cloakroom basin, you'll normally need to buy a tap, waste and bottle trap (if one is required) separately. It's worth noting here that we also have a large array of cloakroom taps which are designed to complement these basins as they also feature sleek, slimline profiles.

How easy is installation?

If you're handy at DIY and have tackled plumbing installations before then fitting one of these basins should be a doddle. If you're not completely sure what to do however then we fully recommend hiring a qualified trades person to do the work for you.