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Bidets Buying Guide


Bidets have recently made a big return to bathrooms and are becoming more popular by the day. They come a in variety of styles in both modern and traditional designs.

What Is A Bidet?

A bidet is used as either an alternative or combination to cleaning yourself with toilet paper after using the toilet. It looks like a small toilet without a seat mixed with a basin and has taps and a spout. The classic bidet is a manual standalone fixture which is usually positioned next to a toilet for practicality. Some bidets are built into toilets and come with user controls.

The Various Styles Of Bidets

Bidets come in a range of styles in both modern and traditional designs. Below is a list of the different types of bidets you buy:

Back To Wall Bidet: A bidet which sits flush to a wall. A back to wall (BTW) bidet hides all the pipework and looks very neat and tidy.

Wall Hung Bidet: A wall hung bidet is fixed to a wall. The benefits of this are visible in smaller bathrooms as they take up less space but they also look very modern and stylish, especially if they're complementing a wall hung toilet.

Floorstanding Bidet: A floorstanding bidet is the original style where you can see behind the bidet as it isn't flush against the wall.

What You Need To Know About Bidets

Bidets are not a substitute for toilets or sinks. They are not a necessity to complete a bathroom and are completely optional. Some bidets do not come with seats or covers and do not need them.

What's In The Box?

When you buy a bidet you'll usually get a set of bidet taps and a waste but not in all cases. Some bidets come with covers but the majority do not. A wall hung bidet will usually come with a wall fixing kit to attach it to the wall.

What Isn't?

If your bidet hasn't come with a fixing kit you'll need to buy one of these. These aren't expensive and are a relatively small cost. A seat is not essential so if yours doesn't come with one you can use the bidet as normal. Bidet taps and wastes don't always come with a bidet and these are essential items.

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