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Bidet Taps Buying Guide


The humble bidet is an aspect of the bathroom that was once practically defunct; an almost alien item from another time that just didn't seem to appear in anyone's house anymore. But all that has changed dramatically in recent years, as we have seen a real rise in the popularity of bidets lately and they aren't only reserved for fancy period bathrooms either, as there are now an abundance of sleek, modern examples available. With that said, there's an easy way to add an extra hint of style to a bidet, which is why we're bringing you this guide to bidet taps.

Tell me my options

OK, so as with basins and baths, there are numerous styles of bidet taps available, however due to the compact nature of bidets the taps which are designed for them are monobloc mixers rather than two separate taps.

You can get bidet taps in both modern and traditional styles, with options ranging from sleek, simplistic designs to elegant crosshead style traditional examples. You can also pick up some period influenced items in gold for an extra touch of class. There are even douche spray kits available for an ultra-hygienic upgrade.

Are they easy to fit?

Bidet taps shouldn't be too difficult to fit at all really. It's simply a case of making sure that the water is turned off first, connecting the pipes, securing the tap to the bidet itself and then turning the water back on to check for any leaks (but do remember that the nozzle on these taps points outwards and not down so be sure to move your face out of the way if you're testing the water pressure out!)

A word about water pressure

It's a good idea to check how much water pressure your home has before choosing any taps as you will need to meet the minimum water pressure rating (which is listed under each tap on our website). Measure your pressure using a pressure gauge and select a tap that will be suitable. If you buy a tap which isn't compatible with the amount of water pressure produced then it simply won't be able to function correctly so make sure you double check this first.

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