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Bathroom Wall Lights Buying Guide


When it comes to lighting your bathroom effectively there are numerous ways in which you can achieve a stunning, natural effect. One of the best methods of enhancing the feel of the room is to install wall mounted lighting. What wall lights allow you to do is create a more subtle, ambient effect.

They are also brilliant if you want to highlight a particular aspect of the room. But it isn't quite as simple as choosing a light you like the look of and then installing it wherever you please; there are a few things you need to be aware of first, as we'll explain here.

What styles are available?

Besides the abundance of stylish modern and classically styled lights that are available, there are more decorative alternatives to choose from, which we've outlined below.

Mini chandelier: If you have a more traditionally inspired setting then chandeliers are a fantastic way to capture a period feel. They add a beautiful, ornate look that will bring your lighting to life. Wall mounted mini chandeliers are designed to complement large ceiling mounted ones for a coordinated effect.

Shaded lights: Wall mounted lights which feature shades offer a unique look as many shades can be harmonised with ceiling versions. There are plenty of contemporary and traditional styles to pick from so finding something which complements your bathroom won't be difficult.

Not only do shades offer an extra touch of style, they also help to create more ambient lighting effects which serve to enhance rather than make rooms overly bright.

LED spotlights: These lights are a great idea if you have a modern bathroom and wish to highlight specific areas. For example, there are LED lights which can be fitted into the bottom of your bath panel to add a relaxing mood to the room. There are numerous colours available too depending on your personal preference.

Can I place my wall mounted light anywhere?

Not really. This is because, as an electrical item there are rules which much be followed when installing in environments where they may be exposed to water.

You need to be aware of the different splash zones a bathroom has. Wall mounted lights should be ok to install in zone 2 areas of the room as these areas won't be as likely to come into contact with water as zones 0 and 1. You'll need lighting which has a minimum IPX4 rating for safe bathroom installation.

Are they easy to install?

Providing the wiring is already in place to allow you to fit bathroom wall lights then they aren't too hard to install yourself.

The first thing that you need to do is turn off the power supply to avoid any risks. You should then carefully remove the old lighting from the wall, separating it from the wiring in the process. After this you should wire the new light fitting into the existing wires taking great care (always check the manufacturer's guidelines at this point).

You'll then be able to simply mount the fitting to the wall and secure it in place using the screws or fitting mechanism supplied. To finish simply screw in your bulbs and you're good to go!

Please be aware that we advise in most cases to use a qualified trades person when installing bathroom lighting as this will avoid any mishaps. Please ensure all work carried out complies with local laws and guidelines