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Bathroom Furniture Packs Buying Guide


Nothing beats the look of matching bathroom furniture in any bathroom. From matching units to toilets with hidden cisterns bathroom furniture packs are increasing dramatically in popularity with many homeowners. Not only are they extremely practical but bathroom furniture packs are super-stylish and can save you heaps of money compared to buying individual items.

What Is A Bathroom Furniture Pack?

A bathroom furniture pack usually combines a toilet, vanity unit, washbasin and cistern all in one matching package. They can be a combination unit or separate bathroom items which match each other. Depending on the package you choose a bathroom furniture pack may include more items such as cabinets, mirrors and tall cabinets or exclude items such as toilets and washbasins.

Designs And Styles

Whether you have a traditional bathroom or a modern, state-of-the-art bathroom a furniture pack can be the perfect addition. They come in both designs and there's a range of styles including wall-hung furniture, freestanding furniture and combination units. Choose from a stunning selection of finishes from textured wood to gloss in a huge variety of colours to suit your style.

What Do Bathroom Furniture Packs Cost?

When you're buying a bathroom furniture pack you'll quickly notice the huge difference in price from one package to another. The cost of bathroom furniture packs depends on a many factors. We've highlighted some of the main factors below:

Brand: Depending on the brand you buy, your furniture pack will vary in cost. Some brands are quite prestigious and are crafted with higher quality materials and built differently. Don't let price fool you though as there are budget furniture packs which are built to high standards and offer amazing value for money.

Materials: As stated above with brands, the materials used to build bathroom furniture can affect the cost significantly.

Contents: The contents of your package are another major factor which affects the price. A package containing lots of pieces will generally cost more than a package with less pieces of furniture, although other factors such as brand and materials may mean a package consisting of 2 items could cost more than a package with 5 budget items.