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Wall Mounted Taps Buying Guide


Taps are an essential addition to bathtubs and basins both new and old. They come in many styles and usually fixed to the bath or basin however, have you ever seen taps which are mounted to the wall instead?

What are wall mounted taps?

Rather than being fixed to a bath or washbasin, wall mounted taps are mounted on the wall adjacent to your fixtures and are plumbed through the wall instead of under your basin or bathtub.

What are the different varieties?

Wall mounted taps come in a variety of modern and traditional styles with a choice of heads including lever and cross head styles. We've listed some of the varieties of wall mounted taps below:

Wall Mounted Basin Taps

Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Taps: A wall mounted basin mixer is typically designed with one or two levers and a single spout which mixes both hot and cold feeds to create one flow of temperature controlled water.

Wall Mounted Bib Taps: A set of wall mounted bib taps are separate hot and cold taps which deliver their own flow of water.

Wall Mounted Bath Taps

Wall Mounted Bath Fillers: Wall mounted bath fillers are placed on a wall just above the height level of a bath and work in a similar way to a mixer tap.

Wall Mounted Bath Shower Mixers: Similar to wall mounted bath fillers, wall mounted bath shower mixers have an added shower connection which can be switched between filling a bath or providing a flow of water to your shower.

How do I know which wall mounted taps are suitable for my plumbing?

As water pressure can vary greatly from house to house, you need to check your home's water pressure before selecting a new set of wall mounted taps. This will help determine which taps will be compatible with your plumbing system. It is a good idea to seek professional advice when dealing with water pressure, as this will give you much more confidence when it comes to buying wall mounted taps. On each individual product page we have noted the required pressures for each tap.

Are they easy to install?

Installing wall mounted taps isn't as straightforward as standard basin taps. If you've never done this sort of thing before then we advise you to use a professional.

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