On the rise again in 2020, more and more interiors experts are opting to replace tired old bathrooms with up-to-date wet rooms.

A great way of achieving a sleek and minimalist look, wet rooms are also good for making tighter bathroom spaces feel more spacious.

Working to open up the room by freeing up floor-space, a wet room could be the perfect solution for those of you that feel that your bathroom is too small for its respective tub or shower enclosure.

In addition to their ability to revitalise tired spaces, they’re also a popular choice for the elderly and people with mobility issues.

Sound like something you'd be interested in?

To help, we’ve put together the following guide to wet room ideas including product recommendations as well as tips for creating stylish wet rooms for disabled users.

You’ll even find information on what to expect when it comes to wet room labour costs.

Wet Room Ideas

While wet rooms are naturally minimalist in style, the products used to implement them can make or break a bathroom’s look.

With this in mind we’ve assembled some essential products, all of which will go some way to help you achieve a modern and highly stylish wet room.

A Spacious Enclosure - Your choice on whether to go for a wet room enclosure or a wet room screen largely hinges on the size of your space. If you’ve got ample room, this Matrix Ultimate Walk In Enclosure & Side Panel could be the one for you.

The Matrix 1400 x 800mm Ultimate Walk In Enclosure + Side Panel Only 10mm (No Tray) - great for minimalist wet room ideas.
This Matrix Ultimate enclosure is an excellent choice for those wanting an unobstructed shower space.

With its subtle polished chrome trimmings and unobstructed glass panels, the Matrix Ultimate is a great wet room option for those wanting a truly minimalist look. The enclosure even boasts an innovative easy-clean coating to help resist dirt build up.

A Stunning Screen - Being short on space doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style. This Arezzo Matt Black Profile Wet Room Screen features a sturdy frame in the massively popular matt black finish and comes equipped with an ultra low profile tray to keep things looking seamless.

The Arezzo 1700 x 800 Matt Black Profile Wet Room (1100mm Screen, Return Panel + Tray) - our top choice in on-trend wet room ideas to suit your space.
Arezzo's shower screen option comes in a highly sought after matt black finish. This will go some way to ensuring your wetroom remains on-trend for many years to come.

Constructed of 8mm safety glass, this Arezzo option is light, durable, and just as easy to clean as our aforementioned enclosure of choice. We recommend pairing it with one of our matching Arezzo showers for a consistent look.

A Wet Room Tray Former - If you plan on implementing your wet room ideas in a typical UK timber floor, you’re gonna need a wet room tray former. These serve as a watertight base on which you can create a lasting tile floor for your space. This high quality Orion Wetroom Rectangular Shower Tray Former is our pick.

Orion Wetroom Rectangular Shower Tray Former (End Waste)
Orion's high-quality wetroom tray former is highly versatile, available in four sizes to fit almost any space.

This waterproof Orion tray former boasts a factory sealed drain and is ultra slimline at just 30mm in depth. Available in several sizes, the Orion can even be trimmed down to size to suit your specific space.

A Stylish Shower Wall Panel - Another highly effective wet room idea to consider, shower wall panels offer an easy-to-install alternative to tiling while still looking sleek and stylish. This Showerwall Ivory Marble Shower Wall Panel is a stellar pick for those wanting to add a natural vibe to a bathroom.

The Showerwall Ivory Marble Waterproof Decorative Wall Panel - Various Size Options - with options to suit wet room ideas for small bathrooms.
This decorative and functional Showerwall Waterproof Wall Panel can easily enhance the overall look of a space.

Versatile and sophisticated, the ivory hue and marble-effect of this finish will provide your space with a neutral backdrop. Like the idea but want a more out-there finish? Try our extensive range of Shower Wall Panels in a variety of attractive finishes.

This handful of our most popular wet room products should go some way to help you come up with your own distinctive wet room ideas. For further inspiration, take a look at our entire Walk In Showers and Wet Rooms collection.

Creating Wet Rooms For Disabled Users

In recent years wet rooms for disabled users have experienced a boom in priority. This is due to the fact that, when compared with standard bathrooms, wet rooms are safer, more accessible and easier to maintain.

A spacious, uninhibited wet room could even be essential for many users. With a plethora of unique assistive products to choose from, they can even be tailored to a particular user’s requirements.

While the specific needs of individuals vary, here’s a handful of our most highly rated assistive products to kick-start your wetroom renovation plans.

A Sturdy Shower Seat - Struggle with mobility? Capable of holding up to 160kg, this highly sturdy Roper Rhodes Thermoset Shower Seat can provide your wet room with the reliable support that you need. It’s stylish design allows it to simply fold away when not in use, to maintain the stylish minimalist look of your new wet room.

Roper Rhodes Thermoset Shower Seat - 8020
Whether you struggle standing for long periods or simply need the extra assurance of a seat, the Roper Rhodes Thermoset Shower Seat is a truly dependable solution.

A Grippy Grab Rail - Another essential component in wet rooms for disabled users, grab rails provide support and safety for your peace of mind. A gorgeous contemporary option, this Euroshowers Luxury Contemporary Curved Grab Rail can even work to enhance the look of your space.

Euroshowers Luxury Contemporary Curved Grab Rail - Chrome - 3 Size Options
Grab rails offer another way of increasing the safety of your space. This Euroshowers Luxury Contemporary Curved Grab Rail in chrome can help add a touch of luxury too.

Wet Room Labour Costs: What to Expect

Suggesting a figure for your wet room labour costs can be tricky as this can vary wildly depending on the size of your space, as well as the specific components you wish to install.

In the UK, the average wet room labour costs range from £750-£1500 for between 3-5 days of work.

For more detailed information on the costs that come with renovation, try our guide on How Much Does a New Bathroom Cost to Install.