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Shop now our impressive collection of shower panels. Designed to add style as well as waterproofing to shower enclosures and wet room walls, our expansive range of shower wall panels includes over 90 options in an array of on-trend finishes. Need panels for other parts of the bathroom? Try our wider collection of bathroom wall panels. Free standard UK delivery on orders over £499 at Victorian Plumbing.

Made of high-grade materials such as PVC and MDF, each and every one of our shower panels has been built with longevity in mind. Highly durable and completely waterproof, shower board panels make for impressive alternatives to tiles and will last just as long. In addition to this, waterproof shower panels are easier to keep clean and can be installed much faster.

Our shower panels collection includes a number of options from trusted bathroom brands. Enhance your shower space with high-quality shower wall panels from big names such as Multipanel, Showerwall, Mere Bathrooms, Mira Showers and more. Our wet wall shower panels come in a variety of colours - including black, white and grey - as well as designs, such as tile effect and wood effect styles.

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109 results
109 results
Multipanel Linda Barker Calacatta Marble Bathroom Wall Panel Medium Image
Showerwall Urban Gloss Waterproof Decorative Wall Panel - Various Size Options Medium Image
Showerwall Aqua Ice Waterproof Decorative Wall Panel - Various Size Options Medium Image
Multipanel Linda Barker Corten Elements Bathroom Wall Panel Medium Image
Multipanel Linda Barker Concrete Formwood Bathroom Wall Panel Medium Image
Showerwall White Sparkle Waterproof Decorative Wall Panel - Various Size Options Medium Image
Showerwall Slate Grey Waterproof Decorative Wall Panel - Various Size Options Medium Image

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10th October 2023

Glossy, white and fantastic value.

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When redecorating your bathroom, there’s an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to styling your bathroom walls. Shower wall panels provide a smooth and cohesive finish, making them an ideal choice for those looking to create a luxurious bathroom space.

What are the benefits of having shower panels?

Shower wall panels are a great way to get a luxurious finish without the hassle of tiling. They don’t require any grouting making the installation process quick and easy. With the absence of grout, this eradicates issues of mould and discolouration whilst also making them super easy to clean.

Shower panels are also 100% waterproof which makes them ideal for bathroom panelling, whether this be for your whole bathroom or just your shower wall.

What kind of wall panels are suitable for shower walls?

There are three main types of panelling suited shower walls. These panels are made from either PVC, Acrylic, or MDF with a laminated vinyl coating. The materials are built to last, hygienic, and completely waterproof.

What is the best type of shower wall panels?

The best quality shower panels are typically the laminated MDF panels. They’re well constructed, durable and weighted. Due to their thickness, these panels can also provide sound proofing qualities.

However, all of the shower panels Victorian Plumbing offer provide a certain standard obtained through our selection of top brands such as Multipanel. Whilst MDF shower panels are considered premium, they may not be best suited to everyone’s bathroom and it’s important to take your needs into consideration to find the best match for you.