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Coloured Toilet Seats

Coloured Toilet Seats

Give your bathroom a coordinated finish with a coloured Toilet Seat.

from £16.95
D-Shaped Toilet Seats

D-Shaped Toilet Seats

Bring style and practicality together with a new D-Shaped Toilet Seat.

from £34.95
Family Toilet Seats

Family Toilet Seats

Browse our affordable range of Family Toilet Seats, ideal for small...

from £42.41
Novelty Toilet Seats

Novelty Toilet Seats

Give your bathroom a fun, unique look with a Novelty Toilet Seat.

from £36.34
Soft Close Toilet Seats

Soft Close Toilet Seats

Add a luxury touch to your bathroom with a new Soft Close Toilet Seat.

from £19.95
Square Toilet Seats

Square Toilet Seats

Peruse our fantastic range of Square Shaped Toilet Seats for your bathroom....

from £39.95
Standard Toilet Seats

Standard Toilet Seats

Explore our extensive range of Standard Toilet Seats to suit your home.

from £16.95
Wooden Toilet Seats

Wooden Toilet Seats

Browse our broad variety of quality built Wooden Toilet Seats for your...

from £26.95

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Recent Reviews

Mahogany Effect Toilet Seat
22nd May 2022
Absolutely what I wanted.
 - Verified Purchaser
  • Item as described
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  • Value for money
Excellent - very pleased
28th Mar 2022
We have a Heritage Victoria toilet. We have bought 2 Heritage toilet seats over the last few years. The first discoloured badly, went yellow and looked awful. The second snapped at the hinge. Both toilet seats cost around £100. This seat was less than half the price and is absolutely fine. Fits the shape of the toilet well and is of similar quality. If it snaps or discolours with wear I will happily replace with another at this price. Absolutely no point paying more.
  • Item as described
  • Appearance
  • Build quality
  • Value for money

Buying Guide

Upgrading your toilet seat is a fantastic, simple and cost effective way to improve the look of your bathroom. With that in mind, we know it can sometimes be a bit of a minefield trying to find just the right option, so that's why we've put this handy guide together to help make the process easier.


What are the different types of toilet seats?

While you might think that choosing a new toilet seat is pretty straightforward, there are a number of different types, as toilet seats have different methods of fixing and different features. Some of these types include:

Top fixing toilet seats: Some toilet seats will feature top fixing hinges while others - normally the more traditionally styled items - will have bottom fixing hinges which use bolts that secure the seat from underneath.

Soft close toilet seats: These are toilet seats with soft closing mechanisms which mean that the lid closes both gently and silently. A soft close toilet seat is great if you have small children and want to avoid the risk of them slamming the seat on their fingers.

Quick release toilet seats: These seats utilise an innovative hinge mechanism which allows you to quickly release and easily remove the toilet seat from the pan.

Antibacterial toilet seats: These seats have some form of antibacterial treatment incorporated into their material at the time of manufacture, or applied as a coating. This protective layer helps to stop bacteria multiplying on the toilet seat.

Will a universal toilet seat fit my toilet?

This all depends really. If you're not going for a direct replacement which is designed to fit your specific toilet, you do need to be careful. For example, close coupled toilet seats can be very different to back to wall toilet seats, so a truly ?universal? toilet seat isn?t really possible.

To make sure your new toilet seat fits, you will need to take some accurate measurements. These measurements are the total depth of the pan (back to front), the internal width of the pan, as well as the width at the widest point, and also the fixing centre distance.

What materials are toilet seats made of?

Generally, toilet seats are made of either plastic or wood. With wooden toilet seats, the choice is then between MDF or solid wood, such as mahogany or solid oak. Plastic toilet seats are usually cheaper, easier to clean and ideal for sleek, contemporary units. Wooden finishes, on the other hand, tend to look more at home in traditional settings. Whichever material you choose, it needs to be good quality.

What colours are available?

Toilet seats are available in a huge range of colours - or you could even opt for a more novelty design. Alongside a classic choice like white or cream, there are more modern options, such as a sleek black or designer anthracite grey, or even more quirky colour choices like blue, teal and peach.

Are they easy to fit?

Toilet seats are certainly one of the easier items to fit when it comes to bathroom upgrades, and they shouldn't pose any problems when tackling the job yourself (as long as your measurements are correct!)

First, you need to remove the old toilet seat. To do this, simply unscrew either the top or bottom fixing bolts which hold the seat in place and gently lift it away from the pan. Then, place the new seat down onto the pan, aligning it with the bolt holes. Push the bolts through the holes and then tighten the nuts from the underside of the pan. Don't apply too much pressure when tightening though as it will make the seat difficult to remove if you need to change it again in the future.