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Boutique Chic

Boutique Chic

As a frequent traveller, I have come to appreciate a well designed and luxurious hotel bathroom. Nothing can make you feel more instantly comfortable and 'at home' than an invigorating shower or a big cosseting bubble bath, in a clean, sleek room.

My Boutique bathroom is designed to bring all of that chic decadence into your own home, a room of beautiful simple shapes, calming neutral colours, tactile natural materials and a touch of Zen. All you have to do is wrap yourself in a huge, soft, cotton bathrobe, and relax into your very own home spa.

Spa Experience

Spa Experience

This look is all about creating a zen like spa experience. Colour is all but absent, as you focus on pure whites and off whites.

Large tiles, particularly in a small bathroom, will create the sense of space and peace you are looking for, and a large, rounded, organically shaped bath should be a focal piece of the room. A scented candle is a must.

Simple & Minimal

A spa like bathroom has to have a generous and vigorous shower, to balance the indulgence of the bath. Keep the shower screen simple with minimal fittings and devote as much space to it as possible. Light fittings should be discreet. An exotic flower such as the orchid will thrive here and also look wonderful.

Simple & Minimal
Organic Shapes

Organic Shapes

In a smaller bathroom or cloakroom, don't be afraid to keep the tiles large to create a sense of space. Have an off the wall basin to keep the floor clear, if possible choosing an organic shape for the basin itself. Keep fittings and accessories to a minimum, but choose the best possible quality cotton towels and soap.

More From The Range

Alison CorkStyling Tips:
  • Invest in top quality cotton towel bales for that hotel spa feeling.

  • Keep your accessories neutral and simple, clutter to be kept to a minimum in this bathroom.

  • Invest in some scented candles to delight your senses all the more.

  • Choose a deep pile bath mat to treat your feet.

  • Use large tiles as opposed to small, especially in a compact bathroom, as it will actually create a sense of space.

Alison Cork, Interior Designer & Expert

Read by millions every week, and frequently on TV, presenting programmes such as 60 Minute Makeover and Cowboy Builders, home guru Alison Cork has built up a formidable reputation as a trusted homes and interiors expert, with an unfailing eye for quality and value. We're proud to collaborate with Alison on a special collection of curated bathroom looks.

Alongside writing and broadcasting, Alison founded the Alison at Home brand, the trademark of which is stylish homeware at affordable prices. With her ever expanding empire, she has been called the Oprah Winfrey of interiors, but at the heart of everything she does is the simple and strongly held belief - "Everyone deserves a beautiful home". Find out more about Alison Cork at

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