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AquaLusso are the Uk's no.1 supplier of luxury Shower Cabins, Steam Showers, Steam Shower Rooms, Steam Units, Shower Cubicles, Shower Enclosures, Whirlpool Baths and Steam Baths.

Each enclosure comes with numerous features & functions, ensuring you get a product that we know you will love!!
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For those who want the ultimate luxurious experience in their modern bathrooms, installing a high quality shower cabin or steam shower will completely transform your daily routine. AquaLusso are experts in the design and distribution of showers which house fantastic features such as body jets, as well as steam and whirlpool settings.

A bit of history

Based in the UK, AquaLusso are pioneers in that they were one of the first companies to distribute steam showers to the UK market via an array of various retailers. Their innovative design teams have managed to create some truly stunning products since their beginnings in 2004. The company prides itself on providing the best possible shower cabins at the most affordable prices.

As AquaLusso are solely focused on creating the best showers available (they don’t sell any other bathroom products), they are constantly evolving and creating new, improved versions of the items in order to give you the most satisfying experience possible.

Why choose AquaLusso?

As specialists in their field, AquaLusso are well known and respected for their concepts and designs. Their customer support team is based in the UK and each person has an in-depth knowledge of the product so they can advise you on any queries you may have.

This level of support allows you to buy in confidence, as the team is able to help during any stage of either purchasing or installation. A 5 year warranty covers many of their products, assuring you of the level of quality on offer.

What are my options?

AquaLusso have several ranges of showers to pick from, each having different specifications and functions, as we detail below.

The Opus Range: The entry level range from AquaLusso features a stunning selection of shower cabins which have been designed to provide a unique and relaxing atmosphere. Each cabin comes with the ability to connect Bluetooth enabled devices to the shower, so you can listen to your favourite tunes while you’re getting clean.

Alto Shower Cabins: The stunning designs featured across this range will look right at home in contemporary settings. There are numerous size options available so you can even integrate one into a smaller bathroom if you wish.

Alto Steam Showers: Offering the next level of luxury, this collection features cabins which have steam settings incorporated into their designs. Steam showers are ideal for reducing stress levels and can also help those with respiratory problems. The brushed stainless steel monsoon shower which is integrated into the cabin features non-drip nozzles as a handy feature.

Alto Steam and Whirlpools: For the ultimate spa treatment in your own home, this range of cabins is perfect. The steam and whirlpool functions are ideal if you’re feeling stressed or if you have just completed a long workout as the shower is designed to be as thoroughly relaxing as possible.

Crystal Showers: This collection comes in an assortment of size and colour options, allowing you to choose just the right product to meet your requirements. They feature body jets to help you get the most from your showering experience; ideal for helping you unwind after a long day at the office.

Platinum Range: This range has some truly special cabins. There are options available for two person enclosures, water jets, steam and whirlpool settings as well as audio and even TV setups which allow you to watch your favourite Freeview programmes or DVDs in the most relaxing setting possible. Make no mistake, this is the height of luxury right here!

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