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Wet Room Screens

Wet Room Screens

Experience luxury with our extensive range of wet room shower screens.

from £69.95
Walk-In Shower Enclosures

Walk-In Shower Enclosures

Achieve an ultra-modern look in your bathroom with a sleek walk in shower.

from £249.95
Wet Rooms

Wet Rooms

Stay on trend with our contemporary collection of quality wet rooms.

from £269.95
Wet Room Shower Trays

Wet Room Shower Trays

Explore durable, waterproof bases essential for any wet room.

from £64.95
Wet Room Wastes

Wet Room Wastes

The unsung hero of showers, explore our range of wet room wastes.

from £26.05
Screen Support Arms

Screen Support Arms

View our selection of sleek shower screen support arms and bracing kits.

from £44.95
Wet Room Accessories

Wet Room Accessories

Amplify the look of your shower enclosure with wet room accessories.

from £4.95


Explore our extensive range of kit to ensure your wet room is waterproof.

from £6.94
Tile Backer Boards

Tile Backer Boards

Our quality range of tile backer boards is the ultimate defence to liquids.

from £9.94
Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

Elaborate hidden systems that provide a warm floor all year round.

from £5.20
Bathroom Wall Panels

Bathroom Wall Panels

Enhance the look of your bathroom with our wide range of wall panels.

from £5.26
Grout & Adhesives

Grout & Adhesives

Finish any tiling job with our wide range of tile grout and adhesives.

from £5.95

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Arezzo Fluted Glass Brushed Brass Profile Wetroom...

Finance from £9.79/month
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Arezzo 900 x 1950 Square Matt Black Framed 8mm...

Finance from £6.53/month
In Stock
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Arezzo Fluted Glass Matt Black Profile Wetroom...

Finance from £7.53/month
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Arezzo Fluted Glass Chrome Profile Wetroom Screen +...

Finance from £7.53/month
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Newark Curved 1400 x 900mm Walk In Shower Enclosure...

Finance from £9.04/month
In Stock

Nova 1700 x 800 Wet Room (1000mm Screen, Return...

Finance from £12.30/month
Due 31/01/22
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Recent Reviews

Truly stable for those over 30st
21st Dec 2021
I have had mine for approx 1 year. This is the only stool I would recommend for any very heavy users. I use it in the bath (over head shower). Its too wide to go in the right way so I sit on the end of it. Its incredibly stable. Never ever felt unsafe. It doesn't move at all under my weight. Highly recommend and it looks so much nicer than the white plastic ones. No colour fading, no rust or tarnishing.
  • Item as described
  • Appearance
  • Build quality
  • Value for money
Very Good
6th Aug 2021
I have had this shower for 7 years and it looks the same as new and works very well to keep water at set temperatures.The only cheap part is the main shower head it broke and started to leak after a few years, upgrade it to a 30cm metal one for £30. Use cillet Bang and the chrome stays like new.
  • Item as described
  • Appearance
  • Build quality
  • Value for money
simple to fix
25th Jul 2021
Great . simple to fix looks great
 - Verified Purchaser
  • Item as described
  • Appearance
  • Build quality
  • Value for money

Buying Guide

Our walk in showers and wet room shower enclosures range includes everything you need to get your bathroom renovation started. From wet room screens and support arms, right through to sealants and squeegees for installation and maintenance. Walk in showers most commonly consist of a wet room tray and a seamless shower screen with one side open for you to enter and exit with ease. The height of luxury when it comes to bathrooms, walk in showers provide you with an elegant, spacious and unhindered showering experience - with some even featuring a small area in which to dry yourself off afterwards. Wet room shower enclosures are a great choice for those who suffer with limited mobility too; this is due to the fact that they often don?t require you to open a door or climb over a ?lip? for you to enter them. The collection even includes walk in showers for small bathrooms, with sizes starting at 1200 x 800 mm for particularly compact spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are walk-in showers just for wet rooms?

Walk in showers are not just for wet rooms. This is due to the fact that they feature shower trays and don?t require a tray former and tiling. They can be seen as a kind of halfway house between standard shower enclosures and wet rooms in that they maintain a low level shower tray while featuring a more open-plan shower screen(s) without need for a door.

What?s the difference between a wetroom and a walk-in shower?

A walk-in shower is a cubicle that exists independently from the rest of the bathroom. They feature glass panels around the outside of the shower and slightly raised shower trays to allow water to flow into. Wet room showers, on the other hand, can also include glass panels but do not normally include shower trays. Instead, the water flows directly into a drain in the floor and the space will need to be waterproofed and tiled from top to bottom.

How long does a walk in shower need to be?

This all depends on the needs of the user. However, to ensure that water doesn?t escape, a walk in shower should be at least 800mm long. Our walk in shower range starts at 800mm x 800mm and rises to 1700mm x 900mm, so you?ll certainly find one to suit your requirements.