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Julien Macdonald Tiles

The new and exclusive collection from the king of glamour, Julien Macdonald.

With his trademark sense of style and glamour, Julien Macdonald has chosen an essential collection of tiles to transform any home into a tribute to luxury and elegance.

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About the collection

Taking inspiration from the world of fashion and luxury, Julien Macdonald has curated five distinct yet complementary ranges.

Each one evokes an aspect of Julien's design mantra, be it the rich, decadent tones of copper and gold, or the sophistication found in the white marble and mirrored finishes. Read on to discover the ranges and the looks they might inspire...

White Slate Effect Wall & Floor Tiles - Julien Macdonald - 600 x 300mm Medium Image
White Slate Effect Wall & Floor Tiles - Julien Macdonald - 600 x 300mm
£23.10 /m²
Miami Decadence
"Miami is one of my favourite places to visit, and the clean and modern design of this collection reminds me of some of my favourite spaces there"
Miami Decadence Banner 1Miami Decadence Banner 2
The Miami Decadence range features quartz tiles in black and white, to perfectly capture a feeling of refined opulence. Both the black and white can be used to create bold statements, either alone or in contrast to one another.

ST Barts Glamour
"There are few things more elegant and glamorous than white marble, so it was important to me to have a range that evoked its look"
ST Barts Glamour Banner
The St. Barts Glamour range is all about subtle luxury. Its calming neutral palette contains a surprising depth, and tiles from this range can work as soothing counterpoints to some of the more striking tiles found elsewhere in the collection.

Las Vegas Glitz
"Inspired by glitzy Las Vegas decadence, this range is filled with shimmering, glistening opulent excess"
Las Vegas Glitz Banner
The Las Vegas Glitz range focuses on playing with light and creating an elegant, luminous space. The Glass Mirror tile is a standout piece, that can be used to create dazzling walls or as eye-catching accents.

Hollywood Shimmer
"For a super-modern space, I've always been drawn to rich, opulent metallics and a real lavish mix of finishes with the most sumptuous, complementary textures"
Hollywood Shimmer Banner 1Hollywood Shimmer Banner 2
The Hollywood Shimmer range features some of the most striking designs in the collection. All that glitters may not be gold, but the glamorous Copper Mirror tile is an arresting addition to any space. Bronze and gold tones complete the glitzy look.

"I wanted to create both a soothing and seductive setting, this range is ultra-modern and makes for a fabulous space with contemporary cool"
New York Luxury Banner
The New York Luxury range combines metallic tones with natural stone, bringing the best of both worlds. The mix of copper and dark colours can work for a classic or contemporary feel, the choice is yours.

Glitter GroutGlitter Grout

A perfect finishing touch, the glitter grout can be used to add that final sprinkle of glitz and glamour for a dream look.

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