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Kitchen Taps Buying Guide

Introduction to kitchen taps

Whether you're buying kitchen taps for the first time or simply updating your kitchen buying new can make a big difference to the level of practicality and overall presentation of the room. If you fancy adding a more stylish model to your sink then you're going to be spoilt for choice as there are hundreds of items to choose from. But you shouldn't just pick a new kitchen tap because it looks good; there are a few things you need to know first before deciding whether a certain tap is right for you, as we explain in this kitchen tap buying guide.

What are my options?

As you might expect, kitchen taps come in a large array of different styles. There are plenty of sleek modern designs out there plus lots of classically inspired examples too; but some have unique features such as the ones listed below.

Swivel spout taps: These kitchen mixer taps have a spout which can be rotated either right or left, allowing you to move the tap out of the way if you need better access to the sink. These practical, stylish items have been popular for a while now, and will suit any kitchen.

Pull out spray taps: For a practical touch these taps allow you to pull out an extendable water spray which is great if you need to wash and prepare food or direct water to a specific item or area such as filling up a bucket with water for example. These are becoming more and more popular as well as affordable..

Monobloc taps: If space is an issue, or if your sink only features a single mounting hole, then a monobloc mixer is a great idea as they are only mounted using one hole instead of two separate holes, known as two tap holes.

Bronze and brass taps: For a stunning traditional look, these kitchen taps offer a perfect timeless aesthetic that will add a real sense of charm to your kitchen. They are available in numerous styles including monobloc and bridge mixers so you're covered whether you have one tap hole or two.

Are kitchen taps easy to install?

Not necessarily. They are only straight forward to fit yourself if you have previous experience with this area of plumbing. If you're not too sure about attempting this yourself then it's a better option to call a plumber as this will give you peace of mind that the installation is correct.

Is water pressure important?

The amount of water pressure your plumbing system produces is very important. If the pressure is not right for your chosen tap then it will not be able to function correctly. To check your water pressure you need to measure it with a pressure gauge. You can find the water pressure rating for each tap in the product descriptions listed with each item on our website.

Are brass kitchen taps difficult to maintain?

Not at all. In fact there is a rather surprising way to keep them looking in tip top shape: using ketchup! Oh yes, the humble squirt of tomato sauce does so much more than make your burgers taste better, as the citric acid in it acts as a non-abrasive yet effective cleaning agent when applied to brass taps. Simply rub a small amount of ketchup into the body of the tap then wipe it off again with a fresh cloth for a brilliant finish.

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