Traditional Kitchen Taps Ideas

By Alex Beckwith

16th Nov 2022

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Need help finding inspiration for your traditional kitchen design? We have listed our favourite traditional kitchen taps to get your creative juices flowing!

Traditional Kitchen Taps Ideas

Introducing a traditional design to your kitchen creates a look that is timeless, comfortable and full of glamour. As the heart of the home and the busiest room in the house, your kitchen design needs to complement this whilst also aiming to calm the atmosphere.

Starting off with your traditional design shouldn't be done without careful consideration of which tap you want and need. Traditional kitchen taps can either make a statement, or be the elegant finishing touch you need to complete your design. Therefore, we have listed some of our favourite traditional tap ideas that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.


Traditional Tap Ideas For Your Kitchen

Classic Style Mono Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap with Cross Head Handles

As a classic fitting for a kitchen, a mixer tap has a convenient design that allows hot and cold water to flow through one tap. Our classic style mono kitchen mixer tap is the perfect mix (no pun intended) of style and practicality. With its accentuated neck, it stands with grace whilst you can easily access all sides of your sink allowing you to clean and wash in style!


Trafalgar Brushed Brass Kitchen Tap

Rightfully solidifying their place at the top of the trends of 2022, brass taps and fixtures are a showstopper that can find their home in any kitchen design. Introducing a brass kitchen tap to your traditional style, can easily give it a contemporary flare or its ostentatious glamour.

The Trafalgar Brushed Brass Kitchen Tap offers your design a subtle contemporary twist whilst keeping in line with your style theme. With its elegant swan neck and sleek dual levers it will take place standing tall in your kitchen, being sure to leave guests in awe.


Rangemaster Aquaclassic 2 Kitchen Mixer Tap - Brushed Finish

A unique fixing for your traditional style, brushed steel taps can bring a subtle sense of industrialism to your kitchen design. The Rangemaster Aquaclass kitchen mixer tap is ideal for this. With its sophisticated design, its robust presence creates a bold and sturdy ambience that perfectly complements any other industrial or rustic features in your space.

If you are wanting to maximise the industrial effect when using this tap, pair it with Rangemaster’s Double Bowl Belfast Ceramic Kitchen Sink for a sleek and distinct finish.


Reginox Brooklyn Traditional Kitchen Mixer with Black Levers

The Brooklyn traditional kitchen mixer with black levers offers a unique take on a classic style. With Reginox being renowned for products that are created with the latest methods and highest standards, it's no surprise they have made a kitchen tap that offers a sense of ingenious style. By giving the levers a black finish, that tap can blend between many kitchen designs, especially traditional.


Bower 3-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap - Traditional Cruciform Brushed Brass

Rapidly making their name a common household item, boiling water taps are another trend that will be sailing through to 2023. The Bower 3-in-1 boiling water brass tap is an ideal choice for those introducing a boiling water tap to their traditional kitchen design. By having cold, warm and boiling water available, you can easily boost the efficiency of your kitchen by saving money, space and time. With added safety features and built in filters, boiling water taps are soon becoming the future of the game.

Still undecided? Check out our blog that asks the question: Should I get a boiling water tap?


Crosswater Cucina Belgravia Crosshead Bib Taps

For simplicity and practicality, bib taps are an ideal choice for some minimal chic. Crosswater’s Cucina Belgravia Bib Taps have a timeless design with a modern performance that can easily be that silent statement you can implement to tie your design together. With a versatile style, this also extends to their uses; bib taps can also have hoses attached for any garden use, making them ideal for busy family households.


Chatsworth Gold Traditional Bridge Lever Kitchen Sink Mixer

Exuding with grace and glamour, the Chatsworth Gold Traditional Bridge Mixer Tap is an ideal choice for creating a focal point with your sink and tap. By adding a dose of vintage style, gold is a bold choice that is perfect in traditional art deco settings, or for harmonising with a sense of old school charm in contemporary kitchen designs. With its adjustable feet and a swivel swan neck, this can easily be installed to fit any awkward positions in your kitchen.

If you are opting for an art deco style, pairing this tap with Asheville White Fish Scale Wall Tiled splashback will easily enhance the sense of elegance that this tap radiates.


Grohe Gloucester Single Lever Kitchen Sink Mixer with Pull Out Spray

If you are looking for a more modern take on a traditional design, Grohe’s Gloucester Kitchen Mixer with a Pull Out Spray could be just what you need.

Sticking to a traditional style, it maintains the elegant and sophisticated whilst providing you with the latest technology through its unique pull out spray. This is ideal for washing tough areas in your sink or rinsing your vegetables and offers two different spray types: a laminar spray and a powerful jet spray. This tap really is the perfect blend of innovation and style.


Britannia Classic Bridge Sink Mixer - Brushed Nickel

With Britannia’s Classic Mixer in Brushed Nickel, it’s all in the detail. As the perfect finishing touch to your traditional design, it is the best example of simple yet effective. Using a neutral colour in your design such as brushed nickel allows for a complex structure to be introduced, showing how the balance between brushed nickel and a bridge tap can help you execute your style in a subtle yet stunning fashion!


Venice Traditional Kitchen Mixer Tap with Swivel Spout - Brushed Copper

A distinct feature that could set your aesthetics to a warm and welcoming tone is the Venice Brushed Copper Traditional Mixer. Ideal for industrial, rustic and even cottage core designs, its glamorous style can be used to complement or contrast your other features to create a centrepiece that oozes style.

This tap also goes perfectly with the Venice Bowl Matt Black Composite Kitchen Sink. Pairing your copper tap with a matt black sink helps to radiate the taps colour against a neutral background, instantly bringing attention to its flair.

As kitchen taps are a necessity, they are the best way to bring a sense of style and allow your creativity to let loose. We hope these traditional kitchen tap ideas have your inspiration running wild, be sure to check out all the traditional taps we have to offer!

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