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By Hannah

10th Jun 2024

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Kitchen Ideas

Splashbacks are a small yet important part of your kitchen, therefore choosing the right one is important. We’re making your kitchen renovation slightly less daunting by creating a list of the top 18 kitchen splashback ideas in 2024!

cream kitchen splashback

Deciding on a kitchen splashback can be more difficult than you’d think due to the overwhelming options to choose from. Therefore, we’ve created a list of 18 kitchen splashback ideas to help you narrow it down and design your dream space. We’ve split them up into 5 categories to help you sift through the list with ease. These categories are based on style, effect, pattern, finish and size. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the top 18 Kitchen Splashback Ideas of 2024!

1) Plain Tiles 

2) Mediterranean Aesthetic

3) Industrial Aesthetic 

4) Rustic Tiles

5) Wood-Effect Tiles 

6) Marble-Effect Tiles 

7) Stone-Effect Tiles 

8) Encaustic Tiles 

9) Mosaic Tiles

10) Terrazzo Tiles 

11) Metro Tiles 

12) Gloss Tiles

13) Matt Tiles 

14) Satin Tiles 

15) Split Face Tiles 

16) Fluted Tiles 

17) Large Tiles 

18) Kit Kat Tiles



1) Plain Tiles

You are missing out if you think choosing plain tiles for your kitchen splashback will make your space ‘boring’. Plain tiles are the best way to keep your space simple, clean, and chic. Plain tiles aren’t always white or neutral, plain tiles can be an emerald green or dusty pink. Simply having a uniform tile colour and shape can give your kitchen a sleek and classy look!


2) Mediterranean Aesthetic 

If you constantly yearn for the ‘holiday aesthetic’, Mediterranean tiles might be the perfect splashback option. To achieve the ‘Mediterranean’ aesthetic, simply look into installing encaustic or terrazzo-style tiles, particularly in stone colours to emphasise the ‘natural’ look. This splashback design is currently very on-trend and can tie together your Mediterranean kitchen aesthetic. 


3) Industrial Aesthetic

If you’re looking for a way to implement the ‘industrial aesthetic’ into your kitchen space, an industrial-style splashback could be the finishing touch to your renovation. Whether you decide on a matte or polished finish, dark or neutral colours can create the perfect look if you’re looking to give your kitchen that trendy ‘industrial’ look.


4. Rustic Tiles 

Rustic-style kitchen splashbacks are similar to Industrial, with small adjustments. For example, instead of neutral or dark coloured tiles, to achieve a rustic look, opt for warm earthy tones. Instead of consistently shaped tiles, choosing irregularly patterned tiles can help you create that purposefully messy, rustic look!


5. Wood-Effect Tiles

If you love a natural aesthetic, wood effect kitchen splashbacks might be the perfect option for you. Whether you’re looking for dark oak, bamboo effect or cream wood-effect tiles, opting for a wood-effect kitchen splashback can bring a warm, comforting vibe to your space. Wood-effect is also a great way to create a timeless kitchen; there is nothing more stylish than nature! 


6. Marble-Effect Tiles

A marble-effect kitchen splashback can give you that touch of luxury, without feeling overdone. Marble-effect has been popular for years, mainly because of its ability to be cost-effective yet look elegant and expensive. Marble-effect comes in a variety of different colours and patterns, so is ideal for those who would like a unique-looking kitchen that is personalised to them!


7. Stone-Effect Tiles

Opting for a stone-effect splashback can create a natural, healthy and organic look, perfect for a kitchen space. Similar to marble-effect, stone-effect is versatile and comes in a range of different colours, shades and patterns to suit your decor. They are a low-cost alternative to real stone, and are very easy to maintain and clean, making them an even more appealing option! 


8. Encaustic Tiles

Using encaustic tiles for your splashback is a simple and easy way to create a statement in your kitchen. The bold and intricate patterns in the encaustic design complement various kitchen aesthetics depending on the colour or design you choose. They are perfect if you want to achieve the ‘Mediterranean’ look, or if you want to create a creative focal point in your kitchen! 


9. Mosaic Tiles

Installing a splashback with mosaic tiles can add texture and depth to your kitchen. Mosaic tiles come in, not only a range of colours and sizes but textures and finishes. Choosing a gloss finish mosaic splashback that light can reflect off, can open up and brighten your kitchen space.


10. Terrazzo Tiles 

Terrazzo tiles are a great option for a kitchen splashback as they’re trendy and very effective at hiding dirt. If you’re tired of constantly cleaning the tiny splattered dots on your splashback, choosing terrazzo tiles would be ideal for hiding the dirt! Similarly to encaustic tiles, terrazzo tiles can also help build a Mediterranean-style space.


11. Metro Tiles 

Using metro tiles for your kitchen splashback can give you a clean, sleek look that can give your space a classically chic vibe. However, metro tiles are inspired by the subway and tube systems, so whilst they can produce a polished look, they can also be styled to create a rustic or vintage aesthetic. You can use metro tiles to add a classic touch to your interior!


12. Gloss Tiles 

Gloss tiles are perfect for creating that sparkling and modern kitchen splashback. Gloss tiles are great at reflecting light, which brightens and expands your space. Their smooth finish creates a clean, elegant aesthetic perfect for a contemporary kitchen. You can get gloss tiles in a range of different colours and shades, meaning there are plenty of options to choose from when designing your dream kitchen!


13. Matt Tiles 

If you’re anti-shine and prefer a less shiny option for your kitchen splashback, matt tiles might be the way to go. Matt tiles create a more understated look that can appear more natural than gloss tiles. Like gloss, matt tiles come in a range of colours and, depending on the colour you choose, can bring texture to your space! 


14. Satin Tiles 

Satin tiles are a great alternative to gloss tiles if you want a lower maintenance option. Being less shiny than gloss, satin tiles show marks and smudges less easily. This is a great option for those who find themselves struggling to keep up with the constant cleaning and maintenance of gloss tiles. Satin tiles are also great if you prefer a more muted gleam than a radiant gloss or a muted matt tile.


15. Split Face Tiles 

If you want to add more texture to your space, installing split face tiles could be the ideal kitchen splashback option for you. Split face tiles come in a range of different stone effects, giving you many options to choose from when designing your dream space. Split face tiles can make your splashback an eye-catching focal point for your kitchen that turns your space from Drab to Fab!


16. Fluted Tiles 

Another way to add texture to your space, similar to split face tiles, is by installing fluted tiles. A fluted tile kitchen splashback can add some individuality and uniqueness to your space; they come in many different patterns and colours to suit your aesthetic. Fluted tiles are also great if you want to showcase the paintwork in your kitchen, without having a plain, flat splashback. Adding a clear fluted splashback can keep your kitchen interesting without distracting from your background aesthetic.


17. Large Tiles 

If you’re not a huge fan of grout lines, choosing larger tiles for your kitchen splashback may be the better option for you. Larger tiles create a smoother, more seamless look in your kitchen, often leaving you with a more contemporary aesthetic. Larger tiles also open up your space, making it a great choice for smaller kitchens. They are also usually easier to install than smaller tiles, so if you’re a first-time renovator and are looking at DIY for your next project, large tiles might be a safe option! 


18. Kit Kat Tiles 

Kit Kat tiles are great at creating a unique aesthetic as they come in a range of shapes and colours and can produce a very distinctive appearance. They can create a fashionable focal point for your kitchen and are perfect for a splashback as using them on a larger surface area could potentially overwhelm your space. Kit Kat tiles are slightly more hassle to maintain as there are more grout lines to clean, however, we think that their trendy, unique appeal makes it all worth it! 

Hopefully, this list has helped make clearer what kind of kitchen splashback design you want to go for. Check out our collection of kitchen splashbacks for more inspo, here!



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