Kitchen Tile Trends for 2024

By Megan

2nd Feb 2024

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The tiles that you choose can make or break your Kitchen design. It is so easy to jump on the first trend that you see without giving it much thought. So here are some of the latest tile trends that will transform your kitchen.

White wall tiles in kitchen with stainless steel sink

16 New Tile Trends

When designing your kitchen, it is important that you choose the right tiles for your preferred style. With so many new trends popping up, it is easy to disregard your personal style and jump on the bandwagon in order to keep up with the latest trends. However, there are so many trends out there and they are constantly changing and it is impossible to keep up with so many of them. This is why it is important to keep your personal style in mind, as you can still maintain this style while incorporating new trends that you love. So that is why we have shared different kitchen tile trends that you should consider before you make your choice.


Kitchen Wall Tiles


1. Metro Tiles

Metro tiles are one of the most popular kitchen backsplash ideas. Their parallel and brick like design makes these a great option for a wide variety of kitchen styles. From traditional and chic to contemporary and modern, these tiles will work in just about any kitchen. This makes these tiles a great option, as they never go out of style. White metro tiles such as the Jasper Metro White Bevelled Wall Tiles are a great option for those who are looking to incorporate a crisp and clean looking backsplash into their kitchen design.


2. Scandi Style Tiles

In 2024, one of the biggest trends you can expect to see in interior design is the use of light neutrals to create contemporary and Scandi style spaces. This even accounts for kitchen designs. The tile you choose is very important if you want to achieve this aesthetic, as some modern tiles or patterned tiles will not achieve the on trend Scandinavian aesthetic. A great choice for a neutral backsplash or feature wall are the Alassio Matchstick White Gloss Wall Tiles. With an eye-catching matchstick effect, these tiles will create a feature wall that makes a statement without sacrificing the neutral and minimalistic aesthetic.


3. Terrazzo Effect Tiles

This Italian style tile looks great in kitchens. This bold and eye-catching tile is a great choice if you are wanting to add some designer influences into your kitchen. The Farhill Hexagon Blue Terrazzo Effect Wall Tiles will look great as a designer backsplash or feature wall. A great trend to incorporate into your kitchen if you prefer a luxury and designer aesthetic in your home. 


4. Stone Effect Tiles

Design a kitchen that exudes luxury and class by incorporating some neutral stone effect tiles like the Winslow Decor White Stone Effect Wall Tiles. These wall tiles are a great opinion due to their versatile and natural design. This means they will look great in any style of kitchen from modern and sophisticated to contemporary and minimalist. With a neutral finish, you could work with a wide range of accent colours from matt black, shiny chrome and brushed brass, the options are endless. 


5. Green Wall Tiles

We are so excited to see green making another comeback in 2024. Shades of green such as sage or olive make a space feel more warm and natural, which looks great in kitchens. The Royston Olive Stone Effect Wall Tiles are a great option for modern or contemporary kitchens that are lacking in colour. These tiles are a popular choice due to their natural and deep earthy tone which is set to really take off in 2024.


6. Fish Scale Wall Tiles

Fish scale tiles are another trendy tile that will be showing up in 2024. We are loving how these tiles look in kitchens, especially as a trendy backsplash. The Asheville Pink Fish Scale Wall Tiles will add a subtle touch of pink into your kitchen which will help to warm up your space. The unique design of fish scale tiles makes them a great addition to chic and contemporary kitchens. 


7. Colourful Wall Tiles

Bold and pastel colours are making a huge statement in 2024 so why not add some colour to your kitchen by incorporating some fun and colourful tiles like the Victoria Metro Wall Tiles in Mint Green. Shades of green will be very popular over the next 12 months and this light mint shade will keep your kitchen looking clean and minty fresh!


8. Grey Metro Tiles

If you prefer a more sophisticated look, these grey metro tiles are for you. Metro tiles are a classic and timeless tile choice for kitchen design, which means you won't have to worry about knocking them down in 5 years time. Opting for a sophisticated grey colour like these Mileto Brick Grey Gloss Ceramic Wall Tiles will instantly modernise your kitchen.


9. Herringbone Wall Tiles

If you want to add a contemporary feature wall to your kitchen, you should definitely consider installing some herringbone tiles to make an eye-catching statement in your kitchen. The Jasper Metro Matt Beige Flat Wall Tiles are the perfect tiles to create a herringbone effect due to their long and narrow design.


10. Contemporary Kit Kat

We recently spoke about the perfect kit kat tile for your bathroom, but they are also a great option for kitchens. You can incorporate kit kat tiles into your kitchen by using them as a modern backsplash of feature wall. The Otsu Kit-Kat Mosaic Tile Sheet in Light Teal would look great as a colourful feature wall in your kitchen. The parallel and uniform pattern that comes with these tiles makes them a great choice for modern and contemporary kitchens. 


Kitchen Floor Tiles


11. Patterned Floor Tiles

Patterned tiles are a great way to make a statement in your kitchen. If you are looking for eye-catching backsplash ideas, bold patterned tiles such as the Kingsbridge Black Patterned Wall and Floor Tiles are a great choice. If you are looking to add a patterned floor tile, you may want to stay away from such bold colours if you don’t want your bathroom to feel too ‘busy’ and over-crowded. Opting for a patterned tile with more subtle colours such as white, grey or pastels, is a great way to add a patterned floor tile that is not overpowering.


12. Wood Effect Floor Tiles

One of the most popular flooring solutions is a wooden floor, however this isnt always the best option for high traffic kitchens where there are spillages and accidents as moisture can ruin the look of a wooden floor. If you want to incorporate a wooden floor into your kitchen design then you should definitely opt for some wood effect floor tiles. This way you will have a suitable flooring without compromising on style.


13. Stone Effect Floor Tiles

Stone effect tiles scream sophistication and these Lucille Dark Grey Stone Effect Tiles are a great choice for kitchen floors. Adding a stone floor to your kitchen is a great way to achieve that sophisticated and moody aesthetic in your kitchen. Stone tiles are very versatile option when it comes to kitchen flooring as they will look great in any style of kitchen, from traditional and timeless to modern and contemporary.


14. Herringbone Floor Tiles

We already mentioned how great herringbone tiles look on the wall, but what about on the floor? Opting for a herringbone design on your kitchen floor is a great way to modernise any style of kitchen. Again, you want to make sure that you choose a long and narrow tile design like the Lyndon Dark Grey Chevron Effect Floor Tiles to achieve the trendy herringbone effect.


15. Mosaic Tiles

If you are looking to add timeless tile for your kitchen, why not add some modern, mosaic tiles. These tiles are designed to add a busy pattern into your space which makes them a great option for smaller bathrooms. The Chatsworth Octagon Black & White Mosaic Tile Sheet makes a great flooring option in your kitchen if you are looking to add a modern twist on these classic tiles.


16. Marble Effect Tiles

Marble tiles are great at making a space look more glamorous and designer. The Sarzano Carrara Marble Effect Tiles are no exception, and they will completely transform your kitchen. Similarly to stone effect tiles, marble effect tiles are extremely versatile which makes them a great choice for any style of bathroom.


Kitchen Tile Trends

Trends are constantly changing and we love to see some of the popular designs being featured in our customers' homes. If you have recently transformed your kitchen with one of these tile trends we would love to see it! Make sure to tag us in your posts and stories on Instagram @victorianplumbinguk.



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