How Much Does a Newly Fitted Kitchen Cost in 2024?

By Hannah

23rd Jan 2024

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It's important to know just how much your kitchen is going to cost to build before you start fitting it. So before you start making those Pinterest boards a reality, prepare for your new kitchen costs here!

white tiled kitchen with black countertop and shelving unit

Starting a project as big as fitting a new kitchen is equally exciting and daunting. Of course, many of us are guilty of obsessively planning the products that we want for our renovation because that’s the fun part! However, it’s simultaneously important to remember that refurbishments go beyond vision boards and can cost a pretty penny. 

With this being said, many aspects of a renovation can be DIY, yet many people like to leave it to the professionals…for good reason. Some tasks like tiling are usually straightforward (even for a makeover newcomer), but other tasks like installing a tap or an oven can be more challenging. This often causes many to be persuaded to hire a professional to do their dirty work for them… and we can’t blame them!

If coping with budgeting feels like battling your mortal enemy, we’re here to help. We have created a draft, albeit a rough one, to help you renovate your kitchen in a way that doesn’t cause your stress levels to skyrocket. Here is a breakdown of the costs that you can expect for fitting a new kitchen in 2024. 

These cost predictions have been calculated based on an average price released by multiple professional plumbers and electricians, from January 2024.

Average Cost of a New Kitchen


Tiles and Flooring

Before we talk appliances, we must establish the kitchen as a whole; fresh tiles and flooring are a great way to tie your new kitchen together. Measuring the size of what needs to be tiled is mandatory to find out roughly how much the job is going to cost, without the jump scare when your installer invoices you. So, let’s start crunching some numbers! 

Unsurprisingly, each installer will charge differently depending on things like their experience, location, and what kind of installation you want. However, according to calculations that we based on an average collected from a range of sources, the daily rate to get your kitchen tiled would be between £250 to £300. It costs roughly £15 to £25 per square meter installment, and based on the average kitchen size in the UK (13 square meters), it works up to around £250 to £300

As you may have noticed when buying your renovation products, tile can be a lot cheaper than traditional flooring, making the overall price, including labour cost, less expensive. Just remember to consider the size of your kitchen before predicting an installation cost.

grey tiled kitchen with brown cupboards

Taps and Sinks

Whilst it is pretty common for homeowners to have a crack at DIY-ing tiling and flooring, many less try to DIY tap and sink installation. Luckily, these installations require a lot less time for a professional than tiling and therefore cost a lot less. 

As an amateur, installing your tap can often lead to issues with dripping and leaking which can often damage other parts of your bathroom too. So, it is understandable why so many people opt to hire a professional plumber for the job instead. Installing a tap in 2024 will usually cost between £80 and £120, again, depending on the type of installation at hand.

To hire a plumber to install your sink will cost you a similar amount. It can take between 2-4 hours and can cost between roughly £40 to £50 per hour. Overall, installing a sink shouldn’t cost more than £200

Despite seeming like a luxurious feature that only A-list celebrities own, boiling water taps are just as cheap to install as regular taps. Of course, a regular water tap costs less to buy, but there are little to no differences between their installation processes, and it usually takes around an hour to fit. 

blue and white tiled kitchen with grey cupboards and black basin

Ovens, Stoves and Fridges

The cost of an oven installation hugely depends on whether or not you are switching oven type. If you wish to replace your old electric oven with a new electric oven, it’ll usually cost you between £100 and £150. However, if your electrician needs to rewire cables, or switch from electric to gas (or vice versa), it’ll cost a bit more. 

For a job that could take as little as 30 minutes to complete, this could seem like a lot of money to spend hiring an electrician and you could be tempted to DIY. However, a hired professional electrician is trained to deal with any safety issues that could crop up that you wouldn’t want to deal with alone. Remember, if you DIY a job like this, it might not only ruin your oven but you could get seriously hurt, so proceed at your own risk!

Of course, the cost of a stove installation, similar to an oven installation, is dependent on whether the wiring needs altering. Simply replacing an old stove could cost between £100 and £150. If you require new wiring, of course, it’ll cost slightly more money and take longer to install. 

It’s common knowledge that fridges can be quite the budget-destroying purchase, but a silver lining is that the installation process is usually low-cost. Unless there is a need to move and redistribute pipes behind the fridge, this installation will usually cost between £50 to £100

Installing a fridge can be a fairly simple process, however, it can be very physically demanding, or just simply impossible to do by yourself. We recommend hiring a professional for your safety… and peace of mind, of course.

marble tiled kitchen with blue cupboards and white countertop

Additional Costs

Of course, we’ve only covered the cost of installing the basics in your kitchen, but there are many other additional costs that you might need to consider depending on the depth of your renovation. 

Lighting - The amount of money that kitchen lighting costs to install hugely depends on the size of your kitchen and what light fixtures you want. To install lighting in an average kitchen in the UK, it could cost between £100-£200 and can take between 2-3 hours. 

Kitchen Worktop - If you are expecting your hired professional to cut and fit your worktop into your kitchen, it could cost you a pretty penny. Sometimes fitting a countertop can cost over £100 per m2, meaning that usually, altogether, fitting a kitchen worktop can cost more than £1000. However, unlike other parts of your kitchen, your kitchen worktop will not need replacing for decades, making it less of a daunting purchase and more like a manageable investment. 

Dishwasher - Usually, installing a dishwasher shouldn’t take longer than an hour to install, making it a very cheap and easy part of your kitchen renovation. On average, it’ll cost between £50 and £90 to fit a dishwasher, but again, if you need any modifications to your kitchen to fit your dishwasher, it’ll cost you a bit more time and money.


Final Tips:

  • Research potential contractors and remember to consider their reviews and reputation. 
  • Get multiple quotes to find the best price for your budget. 
  • Be sure that you have the right amount of product before your hired professional is booked. This is to avoid you having to pay for a job that isn’t being done, for example, if your products don’t arrive in time. 
  • Budget with contingency in mind so that any surprise money loss won’t destroy the continuity of your project. 


If you are still undecided about the way you'd like to redesign your kitchen, feel free to check out some of Victorian Plumbing’s ideas and inspiration blogs for some renovation motivation!



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