How to Fit a Kitchen Tap

By George

9th Mar 2020

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Tired old kitchen taps are often the unassuming culprits when it comes to dishevelled looking kitchens.

fitted stainless steel kitchen sink

Something letting your kitchen down? Can’t quite put your finger on what it is? If your kitchen tap is blemished, leaky or even the slightest bit rusty, you could be in need of an upgrade.

So, before you consider a complete renovation, we thought we’d teach you how relatively straightforward fitting a kitchen tap is. Even if your kitchen seems a bit tired, we think you’ll be surprised at how much of an impact changing your kitchen tap can have on the overall style of your kitchen.

To help you further, we’ve thrown in a handful of recommendations including some of our most popular kitchen taps too!

Removing Your Old Tap in 4 Steps

1.Keep Things Clear

As with most jobs involving the sink, we think it’s best to start by clearing out the cupboards beneath. This will allow for more space to work in, but you can also take this opportunity to have a quick tidy and throw out any old cleaning products that are worse for wear.

2. Switch Off Your Supply

Next up, you’ll need to locate your home’s shut-off valve. In most UK homes this is usually quite simple to find. You should find it underneath the sink or, alternatively, in your home’s airing cupboard. To switch it off simply turn it clockwise as far as you can. Then, be sure to turn on the tap to check that your water supply has been stopped.

3. Disconnect Your Tap

While this step does vary in difficulty from tap to tap, disconnecting your old kitchen mixer should be achievable without the help of a plumber. In most cases, it will require you to unscrew the tap from your mains pipe using a spanner. Be warned, if your mains pipes are flush to the wall you may struggle to get to the necessary nuts without specialist plumbing tools. If this is the case, you may need to call a plumber!

4. A Quick Clean Up

At this stage, you’ll likely be very eager to install your new taps. However, we think it’s worth taking this opportunity to give your now exposed pipes and the area around them a quick clean up. Years of use will likely have led to a considerable amount of built-up grime!

How to Change Kitchen Sink Taps in 5 Steps

1. Line Up Your Tap

Been wondering how to fit a kitchen tap? It’s simpler than you’d expect! First, take your sparkling new tap and line it up with your kitchen sink’s tap hole. Once you’ve gently slotted the tap in, its time to get back under that sink. If you’re replacing your sink too, you may be required to drill a tap hole into it.

2. Securing the Tap

Your tap is likely to have come with a rubber washer and an accompanying plastic nut. These are used to secure your new tap to the sink. Making sure your tap is lined up correctly, delve under the sink and place the rubber washer on your tap’s thread and secure it with the nut by hand.

3. Check Alignment

After securing gently by hand, climb out from under the sink to check if your tap is still facing the right way. Then, using a spanner, climb back under and tightly secure it. It’s essential that you secure this tightly, otherwise your tap could quickly become loose during use.

4. Connecting to the Mains

 With modern kitchen taps, making a watertight connection to your mains water supply is relatively straightforward. Many even come equipped with flexi pipes to make installation in tight areas easier. In most cases, it’s as simple using the included fittings to make a secure connection to your water pipes. Make sure you use rubber washers or o-rings. If you’re feeling extra precautious, cover the connections with a layer of PTFE tape.

5. Enjoy!

 Turn your home’s water supply back on and enjoy your new tap!

Fitting a Kitchen Tap? Try One of Our Recommended Kitchen Mixer Taps

1. The Nuovo Single Lever Monobloc Kitchen Sink Tap with Flexible Spout - A seamless blend of contemporary chrome curves and on-trend matte black detailing, this Nuovo kitchen tap could be the answer to any stylish modern kitchen in need of a refresh.

Its side-mounted single lever handle allows for easy, one-handed control over temperature and flow. The suave kitchen mixer tap even boasts a solid brass construction, to ensure its longevity.

2. Dual-Lever Traditional Kitchen Tap - If your kitchen is a traditionally-styled space, look no further than the Dual-Lever Traditional Kitchen Tap. A truly stunning retro-look tap complete with a polished chrome finish gently contrasted with white handles.

Traditional Chrome Plated Dual-Lever Kitchen Tap

The smooth operation of its swivel spout makes it ideal for larger double and 1.5 basin sinks, allowing you to easily direct the stream. The vintage design tap also features brass internals to protect against corrosion and bacteria.

3. Grohe Essence Smartcontrol Kitchen Sink Mixer with Pull Out Spray - While admittedly a premium product, this Grohe Essence Smartcontrol Kitchen Sink Mixer is the designer tap of choice for those wanting to create a high-end look. With its innovative controls and sleek ultra-modern design, the Grohe Essence will act as a true focal point in your kitchen.

We’re particularly impressed with the quality of finish the tap’s finish; a polished chrome that has been brushed to a luxurious patina. The Grohe Smartcontrol Kitchen collection itself was the recipient of a prestigious iF Design Award in 2020.

Found our guide to changing kitchen taps helpful? Want some more inspiration? Try out our style guide on 5 Ultra-Stylish Kitchen Sinks, with options to suit your new tap!



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