Black Kitchen Sinks: The Next Big Kitchen Trend?

By George

29th May 2020

5 mins read

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Is your kitchen in need of a stylish modern touch? A striking black kitchen sink could be the answer.

two black kitchen sinks

While sparkling stainless steel and clean ceramics rule the roost in Britain’s kitchens, more and more of us are turning to alternative looks.

Sleek and eye-catching, black kitchen sinks have been on the rise for the past couple of years. Following in the footsteps of popular black bathroom taps, we’ve grown to appreciate the distinctive dark styling that these alternative kitchen sinks bring to traditionally bright spaces.

So whether it’s just your tired old sink that’s in need of an upgrade or you’re planning a complete kitchen renovation, a trendy new black kitchen sink could be the ideal option for you.

With this in mind, we’ve put together this brief style guide detailing the reasons we think you should opt for a black sink as well as tips on the various types that are available.

Why Switch to a Black Kitchen Sink?

Why are so many of us switching to the dark side? What benefits do these enticing sinks have over common stainless steel and ceramic options? We delved deeper into the trend’s defining features to find out.

Contemporary Looks - These imposing sinks break with tradition to create undeniably contemporary looks. Black granite sinks, glossy ceramic and matt steel options have been appearing in more and more high-end kitchens over the past few years and so adopting one for your space could give your space the style boost it deserves!

Easy to Clean - There are practical benefits too! The rich dark finishes of black kitchen sinks make them far easier to keep clean when compared with their white ceramic counterparts. This will ensure your sink maintains its appearance for longer, keeping your kitchen contemporary for years to come.

Variety of Styles - You’d be mistaken for thinking that black sinks lack in variety, too. As more and more of us have chosen to implement them in our kitchens, you can now find them in a plethora of distinct looks and materials. Choose from streamlined black undermount kitchen sinks, 1 bowl sinks and 1.5 bowl sinks. black granite sinks and composite quartz sinks, as well as tried-and-tested ceramic.

The Different Types of Black Kitchen Sink

Sleek undermount options

If you’re in need of a surefire option to give your kitchen that ultra-modern edge, a black undermount kitchen sink is the way to go. This Grohe K700 1.0 Bowl Undermount Composite Quartz Kitchen Sink effortlessly blends the on-trend finish with seamless design.

black grohe composite sink
A well-implemented black undermount kitchen sink, as seen here in the form of the Grohe K700, can serve as a strong focal point in a modern kitchen.

Perfect for minimalist kitchens, we’re big fans of the way undermount sinks look in darker hues. They come with their practical benefits too; the lack of a lip around them makes it easy to brush any mess from your countertop, while their hidden rims allow them to take up slightly less room.

Space-saving round sinks

Think your kitchen could be a touch too small for a grandiose black kitchen sink? Even diminutive spaces can adopt the new trend with stunning round options. The Grohe K200 1.0 Bowl Round Composite Quartz Kitchen Sink manages to be highly compact without ever scrimping on style.

black circular composite sink
The suave circular Grohe K200 sink is our top pick for those in need of something small.

Ideal for cramped spaces or for use as an additional sink on a kitchen island, the deep matt finish of this circular sink with a fresh modern edge. We suggest pairing it with a polished chrome mixer tap to provide your kitchen with a bold contrast.

Classic ceramics

An unconventional finish doesn’t mean you have to break from tradition. Black kitchen sinks are available in classic ceramic construction, allowing you to achieve a modern look with a retro feel. This Reginox Traditional Black Ceramic 1.0 Kitchen Sink even manages to ape the design of yesteryear for an authentic Victorian vibe.

Traditional black bowl kitchen sink
The tried and tested ceramic kitchen sink in a remarkable piano black finish.

A classic-look sink requires a vintage-inspired tap. This Reginox Brooklyn Traditional Kitchen Mixer offering, with its chrome finish and gloss black levers, is our top pick here.

Are Black Kitchen Sinks Here to Stay?

So, after careful consideration, we think its safe to assume that black kitchen sinks are more than a passing trend and that they're here for the long run. Constantly rising in popularity over the last few years these darker, alternative looking sinks look set to join chrome and white ceramic as the go-to kitchen sink hue.

They're ultra-modern, available in huge variety of styles, and continue to look great after heavy use due to their easy-clean properties. What's not to love!

Enjoyed our style guide on the black kitchen sinks? Try our guide to Stylish Kitchen Sinks and Taps to Suit Them. Want more kitchen sink inspiration? Check out our comprehensive kitchen sinks range, here.



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