How to Clean Black Taps

By Trinity

25th Nov 2022

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If you’re not sure how to clean black taps and are worried about what products are matte finish friendly, follow our guide on how to keep black taps clean.

Matt Black Bath Tap

Many people have problems cleaning black taps, they can be a bit delicate to clean due to their special finish. Black matte taps in particular have a coating that makes them more vulnerable to discoloration than typical tap finishes.

This however, doesn’t mean that you need some super complicated cleaning practices and expensive cleaning products. Actually, it’s best to just keep things simple!

How to Clean Black Taps

To get the best results when cleaning black taps, whether bathroom taps or black kitchen taps,

Make up a weak solution of warm, soapy water. Using a microfiber cloth, and without being too harsh rub the tap in circular motions until it starts to look clean. Be sure to clean the area surrounding the base of the tap, too. Then simply rinse the whole area down with water.

That’s it!

How to Keep Black Taps Clean

As with most things, when keeping your bathroom clean maintenance is key. Instead of leaving your tap to build up stains or limescale over time, it’s always best to keep on top of giving your taps a regular clean. This goes for kitchen taps too!

The best thing to do is give them a rinse down with water after each use.  This is so that if any soap products end up on them, they won’t leave behind a white residue from product build up. Be extra careful when wiping down boiling water taps! Other than that, a weekly wash down with warm soapy water should help prevent staining and limescale build up around the spout and base.

If your black tap does begin to create a brown, ring shaped stain around the base, this is completely normal. This too should be prevented by regular cleaning with warm soapy water. However, if this doesn’t keep it at bay an alcohol based cleaner should do the trick.

Be sure to avoid getting this on the actual tap though as this could damage the finish!

What to Avoid When Cleaning Matte Black Taps

As previously mentioned, it’s best to keep your cleaning practices simple in order to best maintain a taps black finish.

Therefore, it’s best to avoid any type of industrial cleaner that might consist of harsh chemicals.

Some other things to avoid are any typical waxes or polishes that you might apply to chrome plated fixtures to keep them shiny.

And lastly, one of the most important things to avoid is super harsh scrubbing utensils. Anything with abrasive surfaces like a scourer are likely to scratch the finish on your tap.

That’s pretty much it when it comes to keeping your black taps clean. Check out our tutorial on cleaning brass taps too! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: it’s best to just keep things simple! For more tips and tricks to keep your bathroom looking clean, head over to the Victorian Plumbing blog which is full of helpful cleaning guides.



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