Daily Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

By Ally

23rd Dec 2015

3 mins read

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Tips to help keep your bathroom looking nice and clean.

Daily Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

We all love a clean bathroom, but cleaning it can sometimes feel like too much of an effort! We’ve come up with some daily tips to add in to your routine (if you don’t already) that will ensure your bathroom stays nice and clean, because no one thinks that build-up of mildew is a good look!

Grout is an essential for tiling; however it is porous and absorbs moisture which can lead to the growth of mildew. Make sure you clean your tiling properly after a shower with a soft bristle brush in-between tiles. This will remove soap scum and prevent the build-up of mineral deposits.

After showering, keep the curtain closed so water doesn’t sit in the folds. Again, this will help you to prevent the build-up of mildew on the shower curtain. Also, after having a bath or shower keep the room well ventilated by opening a window or using a dehumidifier or fan, if installed, to keep air well circulated.

No one wants their bathroom drains clogged! Every couple of months give them a preventative cleaning to clear anything that might be hiding down there. Remember cleaning experts Kim and Aggie who worked wonders cleaning homes with bicarbonate of soda? Just pour a small amount down the sink followed by clear vinegar, which should remove anything clogging the pipes.

We’ve all bought bathroom products that we think we will use and then we don’t. Before you know it, you’ve somehow managed to accumulate what looks like half the toiletry section of a supermarket in your cabinet. Try to keep your product storage area organised by throwing away items you don’t use or have expired, which will clear space and make your bathroom a safer place.

Clean as you go. Sounds simple, but as soon as you notice smeared toothpaste on the sink - clean it. Baby wipes are useful for removing any stubborn marks on bathroom surfaces. Taking care of tiny messes will help prevent your bathroom from turning into a mess.

Hope you have found our tips useful. In the mood for a deeper clean? Check out our bathroom cleaning blogs:



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