How to Clean Brass Taps

By Trinity

21st Jun 2022

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If you’re uncertain on how to clean brass taps, or are worried about which products might ruin the finish, check out our guide on how to clean your brushed brass taps!

How to Clean Brass Taps

Brass taps are a beautiful addition to any bathroom or kitchen, but cleaning brushed brass taps can be troublesome if the correct care isn’t taken.

The difference between a brass tap and a brushed brass tap is that the brushed brass undergoes a special treatment to give it a duller finish, making it ideal for traditional aesthetics in comparison to the polished look of brass taps.

However, both require the same simple care to keep them clean and to maintain the finish for years to come.

Cleaning Brass Taps

To keep your brass and brushed brass taps in good condition, we recommend making a weak solution of soapy water and grabbing a microfiber cloth. Using the cloth, rub the solution into your brass taps, without being too harsh, until they look clean. Make sure you clean the tap from top to bottom, under the handle, and the area surrounding the base of your tap. Finish off by rinsing down your tap with water and rubbing it dry with a cloth.

How to Keep Brushed Brass Taps Clean

As with cleaning black taps, it’s best practice to keep on top of cleaning your brass taps instead of letting limescale or soap residue build up over time. Rinsing the taps down each time you use the area, whether it be a boiling water tap, bath tap, or shower, is going to help you maintain the finish.

Other than a regular rinse, a wipe down with soapy water on a weekly basis is all that’s really required.

If it has been a while since you’ve given your taps a good clean, soapy water might not cut it. This might result in your brass finish not looking as polished as it could, or your brushed brass finish looking a little duller than it should. Over time your tap might develop limescale build up or watermarks. Rather than opting for harsh cleaning products that might ruin the finish of your brass taps, sometimes a natural remedy is the best option.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Brass Taps

Keeping things simple when it comes to brass taps is the best way to look after them. You don’t need heavy duty cleaners to keep them looking new. It’s also a good idea to avoid abrasive scrubbing materials like scourers. This can scratch the surface of your brass taps and cause some serious damage, especially to brass plated taps.

You can use metal polishes on your brass tap to get the most of that polished look, but be sure to double check that the polish you choose is safe to use on brass.

That’s pretty much it when it comes to cleaning brass taps! As long as you’re careful and keep on top of cleaning them, they should stay looking new for years to come. For more cleaning tips be sure to check out the Victorian Plumbing Blog.



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