Choosing tiles for your kitchen can certainly be troublesome, especially if you don’t have a clear idea of what style you’re looking for.

Tiles can make or break a kitchen look; Pick the wrong type, and you’ll kick yourself for years to come. Put some careful consideration into picking the right kitchen tiles by reading our run-down below, where we look at the top 10 things to consider when choosing your tile style.

Kitchen Tiles Need To Be Practical

Practicality is key in the kitchen. We recommend going for a gloss or satin effect tile, which will wipe clean of any spills or splatters from the Sunday afternoon cooking.

Don't Be Boring

Don’t be boring - an entirely white kitchen, with white wall and floor tiles isn’t going to spark joy each evening, unless you’re a complete minimalist. Try very light greys, slate effects and interesting finishes to brighten up what could be a dull overall look.

Patterned Kitchen Tiles Aren't Scary

Try pattern. Whether you experiment with patterned tiles, or just in an interesting tile layout - pattern when used well, can make a standard kitchen really sing. You could try vertical, smaller metro tiles for a contemporary, cool grid - or even go all-out with a Moroccan-inspired splashback.

Offer Protection

Speaking of splashbacks, your kitchen tiles ideally need to protect your walls from splashes and water from the room’s daily use. You won’t want to be wiping down painted white walls, so tile the gap between your cooker hood and extraction unit.

Some Tips On Batches

If you’ve gone for tiles with a natural finish, mix your boxes well before starting to tile the kitchen, to make sure any variations in tone and colour are evenly spread around the room. If you’ve gone for a flat or plain coloured tile, it’s then important to match the batch codes on the boxes to avoid slightly different colouring around the room.

Try Texture

Texture works well in kitchen tiles. Your kitchen cupboards will tend to be flat, perfect finishes, so interesting surfaces can be used in your tiling to create subtle texture pairings. For example, with clean white handleless cupboard doors, stone finishes and slate-effects are going to offer a subtle visual contrast between the surfaces.

Kitchen Floor Tiles

We recommend using fairly large floor tiles on the kitchen floor. The kitchen is always a high-traffic area in homes, and therefore small tiles with a lot of grouting are going to look tired and dirty much quicker than they should. Remember to use antibacterial sealants between your work surfaces and wall tiles, too.

All Cooking Needs Soul

Have a bit of fun - kitchens are often the soul of the home and this should reflect in your chosen style. Use mirrored mosaic tiles that bounce light around for a luxury look, or use interesting tile trim finishes to add visual interest. We even stock glitter grout additives, for true kitchen extroverts.

Underfloor Heating

If you’ve splashed out on underfloor heating in your new kitchen, double check that your tiles are suitable for use with the heating system you’ve chosen. Most are, but we always say it’s worth checking, as there are some incompatible finishes.

Order Samples of Kitchen Tiles

Lastly, we recommend ordering samples of your kitchen worktop surface, alongside your kitchen tile samples to get a full idea of how your tiles will look. Some kitchen surfaces change the quality of light in a room, and therefore how your tiles will look at certain tiles of the day.

That’s it; Now that we’ve bestowed our advice and tips on to you, it’s time to pick out your new kitchen tiles. Happy picking - be sure to send us a photo of your new kitchen on Facebook or Instagram, we love being tagged in your before and afters!