Toilet Seat Hinges

Shop replacement toilet seat fittings at Victorian Plumbing. If your toilet seat doesn't seem up for the job anymore you may not have to invest in a completely new seat. It may be that the toilet seat hinges simply need replacing. Our toilet seat hinges come in different styles and materials to continue the aesthetics of your bathroom.
Finding replacement hinges for your soft closing toilet seat is simple. Our soft close toilet seat hinges are available in all the styles you need including bar hinges for additional stability and authenticity.
Our array of various toilet seat fittings will provide a subtle upgrade for your toilet seat, adding a little more style. They are ideal if you want to refresh the look of your toilet. It's often the little things that make all the difference after all!

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Recently Reviewed

Spare Top Fixing Toilet Seat Hinges Diameter 60mm

Toilet Seat Fixed

27th February 2024

Spent ages wondering how to fix my toilet seat. Was so relieved to find the right parts. Good value.

Duncan Shepherd from Hertfordshire- verified purchaser

Toreno Wooden Toilet Seat Hinge Pack Chrome Large Image

I Was a Little Confused

7th February 2024

The quality of the item is good. At first when my item arrived I thought it was faulty because one hinge was tight and the other loose. Eventually I realised the opposite hinge had the reverse effect. Yes there only two hinges but I've never had soft close hinges before so to fit them was a learning curve. I am surprised there was no instructions but once I finally fitted them, I can honestly say I'm happy with my purchase. Would I recommend..... Definitely, as soon as I took these out of the packet - I could feel the build quality. They're not cheap but the price you can feel in the build quality as said.

LIONEL LEWIS from Staffs- verified purchaser

Chrome Bar Hinge Set for Wooden Toilet Seats Large Image

Review From Trustpilot

22nd January 2024

Seems very well-made, very slightly different to the one that it replaced, fitted it anyway with tiny adjustment. Good overall.

vince t.- verified purchaser

Arezzo Toilet Seat Hinge Cover Caps Matt Black

Finishing Touch

4th January 2024

Finished off the black toilet perfectly.

Denise Meredith from - verified purchaser