WYB: Cloakroom Basins Under £50

By Alan

8th Dec 2016

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What's Your Budget? WYB takes a look at some of the best cloakroom basins under £50

Cloakroom Basins

Cloakroom Basins Under £50

A home with a cloakroom offers additional practicality and can be a big decider for potential buyers. Unfortunately, the majority of cloakrooms aren’t spacious areas which means the fixtures and fittings that are designed to go in them need to be small and compact. Cloakroom basins are the epitome of space-saving design and come in a wide variety of styles so that you can create the perfect cloakroom on your particular budget. This week our WYB (What’s Your Budget) team is looking for the best cloakroom basins on a budget. What’s your budget for a small cloakroom basin? Can you buy cloakroom basins for less than £50? WYB finds out!

What is a cloakroom basin?

cloakroom basin is a small, compact wash basin which is specifically designed for small sapaces such as cloakrooms and en-suites.

They come in a variety of styles including wall hung, pedestal and unit mounted in both modern and traditional designs.

Choosing a cloakroom basin under £50

Both modern and traditional cloakroom basins vary in cost and some are priced way over £300 like this Edwardian design. This can sometimes put off buyers who are trying to buy a cloakroom suite on a budget. But, if you use our cloakroom basin guide you’ll soon see that there are quite a few options out there for less than £50.

When choosing a wash basin for your cloakroom you’ll want to think about where the sink will be positioned. If you want to use some corner space then a corner basin will be perfect. Wall hung cloakroom basins are also incredibly popular as they can be placed almost anywhere in the cloakroom.

Are there cloakroom basins for under a £50 budget?

The great news is that you can buy cloakroom basins for less than £50. The WYB team have found 3 amazing options for your budget and can’t wait to show you. These compact cloakroom designs vary in style to ensure your cloakroom is exactly to your liking and taste.

Nile Compact Wall Hung Cloakroom Basin

Nile Compact Wall Hung Cloakroom Basin

This compact cloakroom basin is not only very stylish but it is excellent quality too! It’s curved design is perfect for almost any modern cloakroom.

It comes with a 5 year guarantee so you know it’s made to last and the 1 tap hole style on either the left or right hand side means you’ve got lots of options for choosing a cloakroom tap.

What else could you buy? This basin already has a finished pipe underneath so all you need to do is purchase a cloakroom tap like this stunning Cruze mini basin mixer.

Why choose this cloakroom basin? WYB says “Cool and stylish basin”

Nuie Cloakroom Wall Hung Basin

Nuie Cloakroom Wall Hung Basin

This Nuie wall hung cloakroom basin is designed to save huge amounts of space. Wall mounted, it sits snugly against the wall in any part of the cloakroom making it very practical.

This contemporary design is ideal for most traditional and modern cloakrooms. Due to its unique style, you will have many of your visitors looking twice! Just add some stunning bathroom tiles to complete the look.

What else could you buy? You could incorporate this basin with White Metro tiles.

Why choose this cloakroom basin? WYB says “Excellent space-saver”

Milton Traditional Wall Hung Basin

Milton Traditional Wall Hung Basin

Traditional cloakrooms require wash basins too and there aren’t many that can beat the Milton Traditional cloakroom basin. The central one tap hole allows you to add traditional taps for that classic styling.

This classic basin is wall mounted to help utilise wall space and prevent the room from feeling cramped. This elegant piece is made from Vitreous China with a gloss white finish and backed with a 5 year guarantee!

What else could you buy? You'll need some traditional basin taps to set this basin off beautifully so take a look at this Olympia Art Deco basin mixer tap.

Why choose this cloakroom basin? WYB says “Elegant and traditional”

What can a £50 cloakroom basin budget do for you?

With a £50 budget you would certainly expect a few limitations when buying a cloakroom basin but today I think we’ve proven this is not the case. Whether you need a modern or classic cloakroom basin you can definitely find one within that price range.

It’s also important to note that quality isn't compromised either as all of our WYB products today come with long guarantees; some of which have up to 5 year guarantees. And, you can even find basins made of Vitreous China for less than £50 too!

Always remember that it is likely that your basin won’t come with a tap, waste and other bits and pieces so always take this into account when setting a realistic budget.

We hope you enjoyed these week’s What’s Your Budget feature and will join us next week for our next instalment. If you enjoyed today’s WYB or think that someone you know may find this guide useful then please feel free to share it using the buttons below!

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