WYB: Bathroom Radiators Under £100

By Alan

25th Nov 2016

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WYB: Bathroom Radiators Under £100

White Horizontal Bathroom Radiator

Bathroom Radiators Under £100

Bathroom heating - it’s a lifesaver isn’t it? It makes getting out of the bath or shower a pleasure - rather than a challenge you might find as part of some SAS training in the North Pole. There are lots of types of bathroom heating products out there one of which being radiators. Once again, our WYB (What’s Your Budget) team is on hand to help you easily find the best bathroom radiator on a budget! What’s your budget for a bathroom radiator? Can you buy bathroom radiators for less than £100? WYB finds out!

What is a bathroom radiator?

bathroom radiator is an appliance which is used for heating your bathroom and can be floor standing or wall mounted. Not only does it keep the room warm and comfortable but, probably more importantly, it will dry your bath towel from a previous soak in the tub and also heat it back up for when you next require a big, warm hug from it!

In summer, a radiator will rarely see any use as temperatures are much higher, but they still act as great places to hang towels and bathrobes. But, in winter, bathroom radiators come into their own! Firing on all cylinders they provide much appreciated heating and drying facilities however, nowadays, modern heating also looks incredibly stylish!

Choosing a bathroom radiator under £100

Contemporary radiators vary hugely in cost ranging from £50 - £3000 and upwards. It can feel like options are limited when you have £100 to spend, but if you look around or use this buying guide you’ll find lots radiators that are perfect for your bathroom.

Bathroom heating can sometimes appear expensive and difficult to install, but buying a radiator under £100 is possible and we’re going to show you some fantastic options that’ll add warmth and style to any modern bathroom.

Are there bathroom radiators under a £100 budget?

The good news is that there’s a wide range of bathroom radiators under £100. To make life easier, and to give you some insights and features to look for, we’ve hand-picked a fine selection of radiators that you can purchase with a £100 budget whether you’re choosing one for your bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite. Not only do they fit in your budget but, they can also be installed with very little fuss too!

Diamond Curved Heated Towel Rail

This large bathroom radiator grants you ample amounts of staorage space for hanging and drying lots of large towels.

With a 5 year guarantee you know you’re buying quality but you’re also getting a designer radiator for less than £100!

Price = £79.95

Change from your budget = £20.05

What could you buy with the change? This bathroom radiator offers a great deal of change from your £100 budget, so you can contribute towards a pair of valves like these Arezzo Modern Straight Radiator Valves in chrome to complete your stunning radiator!

Why choose this bathroom radiator? WYB says “Designer radiator for less than £100!”

Diamond Curved Heated Towel Rail

When you’re buying a bathroom radiator on a budget you might find yourself having to sacrifice quality and style but not with this Diamond curved heated towel rail in anthracite.

This contemporary curved radiator not only looks stylish but it has a BTU of 958, which releases a good amount of heat. It's also guaranteed for 5 years which will give you total peace of mind! If you're looking for even hotter then you may want to look for a 5000 BTU radiator instead, but they're usually a little over £100.

Price = £79.95

Change from your budget = £20.05

What could you buy with the change? Why not purchase matching valves to complete the look or you can opt for chrome for a nice contrast against the black.

Why choose this bathroom radiator? WYB says “Excellent heat output!”

Nuie Chrome Straight Ladder Rail

Not all bathrooms benefit from large radiators. Smaller bathrooms, cloakrooms, and ensuites prefer a smaller radiator like this Brooklyn heated towel rail!

It still has a good heat output but, its stylish chrome design complements smaller spaces beautifully and is great for keeping towels warm and dry.

Price = £99.95

Change from your budget = £00.05

What could you buy with the change? There's not much you can do with 5p but you did end up with a stunning radiator!

Why choose this bathroom radiator? WYB says “Perfect for small bathrooms!”

Diamond Heated Towel Rail Straight White

Straight heated towel rails are excellent space savers. These styles are the standard look and won’t look out of place in any contemporary bathroom.

This is excellent value for money and comes in well under budget. But don’t let the price deceive you, this is a quality product and guaranteed for up to 5 years!

Price = £64.95

Change from your budget = £35.05

What could you buy with the change? Why not add more towel space with a Arezzo Modern White Angled Radiator Valves Don’t forget your radiator valves too. Depending on what you buy you might have enough left over for both!

Why choose this bathroom radiator? WYB says “Amazing value for money!”

Bauhaus Design Flat Panel Towel Rail Chrome

Although this bathroom radiator comes in a range of sizes, this particular dimension seems to be perfect for a medium-sized bathroom.

This high quality radiator has a high heat output of 3248 and is finished in a classic brilliant ice white for a real designer look!

Price = £104.95

Change from your budget = £none

What could you buy with the change? Okay, okay we’ve run over budget! You would need an extra £4.95 to add this beautiful radiator to your bathroom, but we think it’s totally worth it. Can’t stretch? The good news is there are a few other sizes available that fall within your budget!

Why choose this bathroom radiator? WYB says “Super-stylish and designer radiator!”

What Can A £100 Bathroom Radiator Budget Do For You?

As you can see, there are lots of gorgeous radiators that you buy for you bathroom with £100. Whether it’s a straight or curved design, a small or large size or a high heat output or designer radiator there is something for every taste and requirement.

One thing to note before purchasing is that most options come without radiator valves, which you will need, so if you do have a strict budget of £100 please make sure you factor this additional cost into it.

It’ll soon be winter so make sure your bathroom has the comfort and style you deserve. We hope you enjoyed reading this week’s What’s Your Budget feature and found it useful for finding your next budget bathroom radiator. We’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or feedback relating to our WYB feature and, as always, share this with your friends or family if you think it will help them with their radiator search!

Alan, Victorian Plumbing

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