WYB: Basin Taps Under £50

By Ahlam Abdulaziz

16th Mar 2023

3 mins read

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What's Your Budget? WYB takes a look at some of the best basin taps under £50

Basin Taps Under £50

Basin Taps Under £50

In this week’s feature of ‘What’s Your Budget?’ (WYB) we take a peek at 5 basin taps under £50. What’s Your Budget for bathroom basin taps? Is it possible to buy basin taps for less than £50? WYB finds out!

What is a basin tap?

Basin taps are usually fixed on top of a bathroom sink (basin) and can be a mono basin mixer tap or a set of two, hot and cold, taps. Styles do vary between each tap however, these two designs are the most common along with other variants including waterfall, wall mounted and high rise taps. Wall mounted taps and high rise styles are separate from a basin meaning they're fixed to something else; usually the wall with wall mounted or a unit supporting a counter top basin for high rise style basin taps.

Which basin tap/s do you need?

If your bathroom basin has 1-taphole then you’ll want a mono basin mixer tap. This is a single block which feeds both hot and cold water through the same spout to deliver a single flow of water which can be altered in pressure and temperature by one single lever. If you have 2-tapholes then you’ll require a set of basin taps where each separate spouts delivers its own flow of water where one is hot and the other is cold. There are also 3-taphole varieties for those of you who have 3-taphole basins. These have the two taps with a separate spout in between them.

Are there any basin taps within a £50 budget?

Although some basin taps can cost almost a thousand pounds you’ll be happy to hear that there are lots of basin taps for less than £50. Choosing the best basin tap for your budget can feel a little overwhelming so here at Victorian Plumbing, we want to show you 5 options which cost less than £50 but will finish off your bathroom beautifully.

Lancaster Traditional Basin Taps

Lancaster Traditional Basin Taps

The Lancaster range of basin taps aren’t just great value for money. They are manufactured to the highest standards using all brass construction and their levers, styled with ceramic, make them extremely elegant to look at and feel.

When you choose these traditional basin taps for your bathroom you’ll never believe you bought them on a budget!

What else could you buy? The Hudson Reed plug and waste will complete your basin!

Why choose this basin tap? WYB says “Excellent value for money!”

Plaza Waterfall Basin Tap

Monza Waterfall Mini Basin Tap

Monza waterfall basin taps provide a modern basin with a totally unique characteristic. The open spout creates a waterfall appearance as the water flows through and never ceases to amaze.

It’s easy to see why the Monza is our best selling basin tap. Manufactured to the highest standards, this waterfall basin tap comes with a long 5-year guarantee for complete peace of mind! You also get:

● 2 Flexi-Hose Pipes
● Installation Instruction with fixings

What else could you buy? Check out bathroom accessories for a new soap dish and dispenser!

Why choose this basin tap? WYB says “A real wow factor!!”

Modern Single Lever Basin Tap in Chrome

Modern Single Lever Basin Tap

It may be our cheapest basin tap but there’s a few reasons why it’s one of our best sellers! With a high quality build and stylish design this mono basin mixer sits nicely in any modern bathroom and even comes with a free slotted brass Click Clack waste.

Manufactured from solid brass and finished in a super-stylish chrome this single lever basin tap is extremely difficult to leave out of your plans. You also receive:

● 2 Flexi-Hose Pipes
● Fixings

What else could you buy? Coordinate with new bath taps to give your bathroom a whole new feel.

Why choose this basin tap? WYB says “Unbeatable value for money!”

Regent Traditional Basin Taps in Chrome

Regent Traditional Basin Taps - Chrome

Transform the look of any traditional basin with Regent traditional basin taps in a chrome finish. Built from brass, they’re excellent quality and offer an elegance and charm that’s unmatched in this price range.

Backed by a 5 year guarantee and one of the best selling basin taps suitable for a 2-taphole basin you really are getting the best out of your budget. They also have a perfect partner with these Regent Traditional Bath Taps.

What else could you buy? Check out toothbrush holders to keep your basin in spotless. 

Why choose this basin tap? WYB says “Get a truly classic design!”

Cruze Contemporary Mono Basin Mixer Tap in Chrome

Cruze Cloakroom Mini Basin Mixer Tap

For an ultra modern basin tap under £50 there isn’t many competitors of the Cruze cloakroom mini basin mixer tap! Its chrome finish and stylish lever design help it stand out from the contemporary crowd!

If its 5 year guarantee doesn’t put your mind at ease then the 5 star customer reviews should definitely tell you that this basin tap is one to consider for your budget. You also get:

● 2 Flexi-Hose Pipes
● Fixings

Why choose this basin tap? WYB says “This is an ultra-stylish basin tap!”

What Will Your Budget Do For You?

There are hundreds of basin taps to choose from and picking the right one for you can certainly be a challenge. They say you should always look on the bright side and with a £50 budget, it’s pleasing to see that there are still plenty of options available to you, and you can even buy basin taps for under £40 and £30.

Just bear in mind if you’re replacing taps for your existing basin, you’ll be limited to a particular style i.e. 1-taphole or 2-taphole. The good news here is that you’ll already have one decision made for you if you’re spoilt for choice. If you’re buying new taps and a new basin it’s best to work out which style of taps you prefer and then buy a basin to suit or vice-versa. The positive here is that you can choose whatever takes your fancy!

Some basin taps come with free wastes and some don’t so please make sure you double check this information on each product page. Check out our simple guide for more information on which basin waste you’ll need.

Remember, you’ll probably need somebody to fit your new taps but if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty then you can use our how to guides below to replace your basin taps. You’ll be able to give them a good clean once you’re done too!

Thinking of replacing a basin tap yourself?

If you’re buying some new basin taps and would like to know how to replace them easily and quickly then take a look at our video guide on Youtube or you can read our step-by-step process on our blog!

We really hope you enjoyed this week’s WYB - What’s Your Budget feature and hope that it has helped you understand your options for basin taps on a £50 budget. The taps above are in no particular order and have been picked due to many reasons including their considerably high customer reviews, high sales volumes and price against budget. We hope you join us next week for our newest WYB feature!

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