WYB: Bathroom Suites Under £250

By Alan

10th Aug 2016

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WYB: Bathroom Suites Under £250


Bathroom Suites Under £250

What’s Your Budget (WYB) is a new feature on the Victorian Plumbing Bathroom Blog dedicated to help you choose bathroom products within your budget.

In today’s world budgeting is a huge part of our personal life. Budgeting can sometimes sound quite negative but with bathrooms it really doesn’t have to be. In this article we’ll be guiding you when choosing bathroom suites for under £250.

Is it possible to buy a bathroom suite on a £250 budget?

The quick answer to this, is surprisingly, yes!

Bathroom suites are often thought of as expensive and not many people realise that you can buy a quality bathroom suite for under £250. Here at Victorian Plumbing, we’re going to introduce 5 fantastic bathroom suites to you to fit a £250 budget and help give you an idea of what’s available to you for that amount of money. Please note that these bathrooms are not in any particular order.

Premier Carlton 4 Piece Ceramic Bathroom Suite

If you’re looking for a good quality traditional bathroom design then it’s definitely worth considering this classic bathroom suite by Premier.

The Premier Carlton suite is one of our best sellers and when it’s fully installed you’ll quickly see why. It’s a 4 piece suite which comprises of:

● Toilet - Close coupled design
● Cistern
● Pedestal - Full pedestal
● Basin - 2 tap hole design

Suite Price = £179.95

Change from your budget = £70.05 

What could you buy with the change? This is great value as you're getting a bathroom suite under £200. This leaves you with enough money left over to buy a fine set of bathroom taps or put your money towards a new bath!

Why choose this suite? WYB says “Fantastic value for money!”

Melbourne 5 Piece Bathroom Suite

If you’re considering a contemporary bathroom design and don’t want to spend more than £250 then take a look at the Melbourne bathroom suite.

The modern style of the Melbourne bathroom suite makes it hugely popular. It’s a 5 piece modern suite which is made up of:

● Toilet - Close coupled with toilet seat package
● Cistern
● Bath - Standard single ended acrylic bath in 3 size options
● Pedestal - Full ceramic pedestal
● Basin - 1 tap hole ceramic washbasin

Suite Price = £209.95

Change from your budget = £40.05 

What could you buy with the change? There's enough change from your budget to buy some bath panels or bath taps.

Bianco 4 Piece Bathroom Suite

For an ultra-modern and clean bathroom design that won’t quickly date then cast your eyes on the Bianco bathroom suite.

A quick look at this fab suite and it’s easy to see why so many people choose this for their bathrooms. It’s a 4 piece suite which includes:

● Toilet - Close-coupled with a soft close D-shape seat
● Cistern
● Basin - 1 tap hole; perfect for a modern mixer basin tap
● Pedestal - Full pedestal design

Suite Price = £244.95

Change from your budget = £4.05 

What could you buy with the change? There'll be just enough for a cheeky bottle of wine or beer to celebrate your beautiful contemporary bathroom suite!

Why choose this suite? WYB says “It looks amazing!”

Oxford Bathroom Suite

A traditional bathroom never ages and the Oxford bathroom suite is literally timeless in design.

This isn’t just a mega-popular suite but it also includes 3 options of taps to choose from including these luxury Belmont crosshead taps for the 2 tap hole basin. The taps make it a 5 piece suite which contains:

● Toilet - Ceramic pan with toilet seat
● Cistern
● Basin - 2 tap hole traditional style
● Pedestal - Full pedestal design
● Taps - Luxury Belmont Traditional Crosshead Basin Taps

Suite Price = £219.95

Change from your budget = £29.05 

What could you buy with the change? You could invest in a beautiful new bathroom mirror to sit above your new washbasin.

Why choose this suite? WYB says “Just look at those stunning taps!”

Antonio Modern Bathroom Suite

The counter top basin in the Antonio bathroom suite gives it a super-stylish, ultra-modern design.

This is the rule breaker of these fantastic bathroom suites because it’s almost £5 over budget. It is perfect for those of you who always start with a budget then end up seeing that one something which you just have to have! The Antonio suite contains:

● Toilet - Close coupled pan with soft-close toilet seat
● Cistern
● Basin - Oval counter top style

Suite Price = £254.95

Change from your budget = -£4.95 - Sorry you would have to add £4.95 

What could you buy with the change? No change, but a stunning bathroom suite.

Why choose this suite? WYB says “This is perfect for those people who never stick to a budget!”

What’s Your Budget Going To Get For You?

With so many bathroom suites out there from traditional to modern we understand that choosing the best one for your bathroom can feel like a hefty challenge. It’s even harder when you’re constrained by a budget but it’s important to buy a suite which won’t cost you the earth.

We really hope our WYB guide to bathroom suites has given you a fighting chance. As we mentioned earlier, these suites are not in any particular order but they’re all popular choices and most of them offer you some change from a £250 spend.

Please leave your questions and comments below and don’t forget to share this with somebody who might find it useful!

Alan, Victorian Plumbing



Alan is one of our bathroom bloggers here at Victorian Plumbing. He likes writing helpful articles on bathroom trends and ideas. As well as writing his specialist buying guides, Alan can be found here sharing his expert 'how to' step-by-step DIY guides. When he isn't posting on the blog, he likes surfing the web for top bathroom tips and useful customer advice.

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