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By Alan

10th Oct 2017

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Finding the perfect mid-priced bathroom wall tiles is usually made more difficult due to the huge amount of options. The WYB team are back and have 5 stunning selections to help inspire you.

Bathroom Wall Tiles £15-£30/m²

The best bathroom wall tiles don’t have to be the most expensive. A budget for your tiles should be seen as a sensible barrier you set yourself, to ensure you get the style you love for a price that you deem necessary. When it comes to buying wall tiles it can sometimes be way too easy to go for something way over budget, but after you purchase there’s that small chance you start to regret spending so much.

With so many bathroom wall tiles to choose from, setting yourself a budget can really help narrow down your options too. You may have seen our earlier WYB: Bathroom Wall Tiles Under £15/m² which does just that, but when it comes to bathroom wall tiles between £15 - £30/m² the options seem to quadruple!

Choosing bathroom wall tiles between £15 - £30/m²

So to help you find the perfect tiles for your bathroom, the WYB team have decided to highlight 5 stunning bathroom wall tiles which are a mixture of popular styles, new additions and something a bit different to help inspire you to find a design which you can fall in love with.

We’ll be covering a range of styles to help you get an idea of the type of wall tile you think will look best in your bathroom. These varied styles are popular and unique which means you can find something you know everyone will love or something that just makes you happy!

Rhodes White Gloss Marble Effect Wall Tile

Get a luxurious look with marble effect wall tiles. These glossy tiles are perfect for most settings be it traditional or contemporary and their reflective surfaces help make the room feel even more spacious.

Rhodes white gloss marble effect wall tiles are ideal for creating a feature wall in neutral-coloured bathrooms; excellent if you’re planning a Scandinavian style bathroom on a medium-sized budget!

Tile Price = £27.27/m²

Change from your budget = £2.73/m² 

What could you buy with the change? With the remainder of your budget, you might want to think about some bathroom floor tiles.

Why choose these bathroom wall tiles? WYB says “Perfect for a neutral style bathroom!”

Hex White Mosaic Tile Sheet

Get the mosaic look with a hexagonal twist. Hex tiles, also known as hexagonal tiles, are one of those tending styles that seem to just get more popular by the day. Combine this with a mosaic look and you have the best of both worlds on your bathroom wall.

These hex white mosaic tile sheets will create a dazzling look that’s hard to ignore. 

Tile Price = £17.95/m²

Change from your budget = £12.05/m² 

What could you buy with the change? With a great deal left over from your budget, you might have enough money remaining to grab yourself a new bathroom cabinet.

Why choose these bathroom wall tiles? WYB says “Get a total bargain for mosaic, hexagon tiles!”

Esta White Stone Effect Wall Tiles

This luxury stone effect tile is a striking option for adding natural earthy tones to most spaces. The textured finish is an extremely close replica of real stone.

Esta tiles are also a great way to create a monochromic look which has really become a popular aesthetic in both modern and traditional bathrooms. Get plenty of style without breaking the bank.

Tile Price = £19.74/m²

Change from your budget = £10.26/m² 

What could you buy with the change? If you’re planning on tiling your bathroom walls then our tiling tools and accessories may come in handy.

Why choose these bathroom wall tiles? WYB says “Stone effect tiles are all the rage right now!”

Michigan Grey Rustic Brick Effect Tiles

Brick effect wall tiles give an industrial look which has grown increasingly popular over last 2 years. The look works well in both modern and traditional settings and most bathroom furniture will look great next to them.

Michigan brick effect tiles look incredibly expensive, yet they sit inside the mid-price range which means they don’t cost the earth.

Tile Price = £26.05/m²

Change from your budget = £3.95/m² 

What could you buy with the change? Tiling your bathroom walls will require tile grout to get the job done.

Why choose these bathroom wall tiles? WYB says “The best way to get that industrial feel in your bathroom!”

Avignon Peel & Stick Backsplash Tiles

Patterned wall tiles have always been a great way to add charm and character to a bathroom. Their popularity in today’s bathroom designs has really increased and it’s not hard to see why when you see examples like this one.

Avigon patterned tiles can create a stunning feature wall used sparingly or can be used to decorate the whole wall for a dazzling look. Want to change it up in a couple of years? No problem! These tiles can easily be peeled off.

Tile Price = £26.45

Change from your budget = £3.55 

What could you buy with the change? Get creative with tile trims and give your space a consistently sleek look.

Why choose these bathroom wall tiles? WYB says “Patterned wall tiles add lots of character and are right on trend!”

Buying bathroom wall tiles on a mid-range budget

Achieving a flawless look on a budget has never been easier. Our What’s Your Budget mid-range price features are designed to explore some of the best options for those looking for something stunning, but doesn’t cost a small fortune. We think you’ll agree these bathroom wall tiles are certainly showstopping material, yet priced as to not stop the show from even happening!

Finally, if you have a small bathroom and would like some bathroom tile ideas then check out our 5 Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms! It’s full of ideas and inspiration for getting the best look in a small space such as an en-suite, cloakroom or small bathroom.

If you’ve found this WYB feature helpful then please feel free to comment with your thoughts as we’d love to hear what you think. Alternatively, if you think it may benefit someone you know then please share it with them.

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