WYB: Bathroom Wall Tiles Under £15/m²

27th Apr 2017

7 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

In this week's 'What's Your Budget' feature we cast our eyes on bathroom wall tiles under £15/m².

wyb - bathroom wall tiles under £15 per square meter

If you’ve ever had to choose tiles for your bathroom walls then you’ll know all too well of the many, many and I mean many styles, colours, shapes and sizes available. Bathroom wall tiles not only vary widely by design but they also come in a huge range of prices. If you’re buying bathroom wall tiles on a budget then you’ll be happy to know that this does help narrow down some of the choice, but you’ll be happier to know that tiles under £15/m² don’t sacrifice quality or style.

What is a bathroom wall tile?

If you want to cover your bathroom walls with tiles then you’ll need bathroom wall tiles. These tiles are specifically designed for bathroom walls and they’ll cope with the stresses of a damp, humid room. If you’re using tiles to decorate around a shower area or bath then, as long as your grouting is done properly, they will protect the tiles wall from water. Not all wall tiles are solely designed for bathrooms and you may find wall tiles that are suitable for other rooms in and around the home too.

Meter squared (m²) price vs box price

We’ve decided to use square meter prices rather than the box price in this guide because your job will inevitably include bathroom wall sizes in m². This way you can work out the cost of your bathroom tiles much more effectively as the box price will not give you any real indication of how many tiles you’ll need to complete the job. 

Can you buy bathroom wall tiles under £15/m²

Although some tiles can cost well over £50/m² you’ll be pleased to know that finding bathroom wall tiles under £15/m² is a doddle. Here at VP, we’ve looked through lots of designs to handpick 3 wall tiles for bathrooms you can buy on a small budget. As always, these are in no particular order, but we’ll outline why we’ve chosen them and why we think you should consider them in your latest bathroom update.

Otsu Kit-Kat Mosaic Tile Sheet Gloss Black

The Otsu Kit-Kat tile sheet is an ultra luxury bathroom wall tile on a budget. It is ideal for creating a modern, Japandi style look in most kitchens and bathrooms.

Each mosaic sheet contains two rows of 12 pieces of tiles that are manufactured using high grade durable porcelain.

Price = £9.94

Change from your budget = £5.06

What could you buy with the change? In order to stick these beautiful tiles to your bathroom wall, you will require some grout. The change from your budget may not pay for all of it but it will go some way towards the cost!

Why choose this bathroom wall tile? WYB says “Well made and super-stylish!”

Nova Stone Mosaic Tile Sheet

The stone mosaic tiles from Nova are perfect for creating a luxury feel for your bathroom wall. The matt look creates an elegant finish ideal for most traditional and modern settings.

A beautiful blend of beige and brown stone pieces offers endless possibilities in its application including kitchens and bathrooms.

Price = £12.95

Change from your budget = £2.05

What could you buy with the change? Change from your budget should bag you some useful little tile spacers to help you get everything perfect!

Why choose this bathroom wall tile? WYB says “Simple and effective!”

Eris Graphite Wall Tile

Graphite finish has grown quite popular in recent years, it is great to help you achieve a natural stone look to both modern and classical spaces. Why not take a look at border tiles for bathrooms to see if you can get creative?

Price = £15.40

Change from your budget = £0.00

What could you buy with the change? We don't usually go over budget, but this range from Eris is definitely worth it!

Why choose this bathroom wall tile? WYB says “Hugely popular style!”

What will your bathroom wall tile budget do for you?

With a budget of £15/m² for bathroom wall tiles, it’s easy to see that options are certainly not limited. Not only can you buy tiles for bathroom walls for £15/m² but some come in at much lower prices which leaves you with extra money to put towards all the other little bits and pieces you’ll require to finish the tiling project.

This brings me onto my second point. If you are trying to stick to a budget when buying tiles for bathrooms, please ensure you factor in the cost of grout, tiling tools and spacers. You also need to allow for breakages. We recommend ordering 10% extra which should be adequate to complete most jobs, however some tiling patterns such as a diamond pattern may require 15-20% to allow for the little cuts and higher risk of breaks or errors.

As we mentioned earlier bathroom border tiles can create a really nice effect on your wall so look around for inspirational ideas. Victorian Plumbing have a Pinterest account which is full of bathroom ideas and inspiration. Why not check it out our bathroom tiles board and see if we can inspire you?

If you’re looking for some other ways to buy tiles for your bathroom for less, why not check out a bathroom tiles sale page. You never know what you may find and you can often pick up a real bargain.

We really hope you liked this week’s WYB feature and find it helpful when you’re looking for bathroom wall tiles on a budget. If you have any suggestions, feedback or questions please leave a comment in the comments section below. If you know a friend who may benefit from this feature please feel free to share it with them via email or social media.

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