The term keeps popping up in posts of bathroom influencers and in style guides, but few can settle on a concrete definition of what a WC suite is - with some of us even unsure of what WC actually means.

So, to ease any confusion, we’ve put together this quick introduction to WC suites, explaining what they are while providing a few stellar recommendations of our favourites.

If you’re reading this thinking “what does WC mean” - don’t worry! We’ve done our best to clear this up for you too.

What Does WC Stand For?

There’s no shame in not knowing this! It’s one of those things we’re just expected to know. If you’re anything like us, you’ll know what the signs for them mean but you’ll have managed to get by without ever knowing what WC stands for.

So, without further adieu, WC is a tidy abbreviation for ‘water closet’, which is itself a rather old-fashioned term used to describe a private room with a flushing toilet. It’s still used widely in Europe and seen as a more modest way to describe toilet facilities.

So What is a WC Suite?

To add to the confusion, a WC suite is a little different from a WC. Simply put, “WC suite” is a term used to describe a complete toilet unit that, once plumbed in, forms a finished working toilet.

A WC suite consists of a WC pan as well as a cistern with a fully working flush. These components are normally purchased separately - so you can see WC suites as a kind of combination of the two.

You’ll find all manner of quality WC suites in our complete range of toilets. However, to help out, we’ve included our top 3 recommendations below.

Our Top 3 WC Suites

1. Burlington Close Coupled Traditional Toilet - This stunning traditional-look toilet is an excellent example of a WC suite. For an affordable price, you get a hardwearing vitreous china toilet pan and a matching cistern - both of impeccable quality. A surefire winner for any classically-styled water closet.

The Burlington Close Coupled Traditional Toilet with Ceramic Lever Flush
The Burlington Close Coupled Traditional Toilet is a delightful WC suite for traditional spaces.

2. Venice Modern Toilet & Soft Close Seat - Looking to upgrade a toilet in a contemporary space? This WC suite from the Venice range sports an eyecatching square design and is made of attractive white ceramic. It’s a close coupled toilet, meaning the WC pan and cistern are joined together to provide a seamless look. In addition to this, it projects just 600mm from the wall, making it a great choice for compact cloakrooms. It even comes with a soft close seat!

The Venice Modern Toilet & Soft Close Seat
An ideal WC suite for minimalist homes, the angular Venice Modern Toilet.

3. Pro 600 Modern Comfort Height Toilet & Soft Close Seat - Similarly styled to the Venice WC suite above, the Pro 600 is a high-grade ceramic toilet that can help accessibility with its comfort height pan. Much taller than regular WC pan’s, the Pro 600 stands at 480mm, making it easier for users to lower themselves onto it and stand up from it.

The Pro 600 Modern Comfort Height Toilet with Soft Close Seat
A towering WC Suite, the Pro 600 Modern Comfort Height Toilet is our pick for those who value accessibility.

What about Bathroom Suites?

Sometimes, bathroom terminology doesn’t help itself! You may have noticed the term ‘bathroom suites’ being used on our site or in magazines and lifestyle blogs. Despite sounding similar to WC suites, bathroom suites are an entirely different thing.

We use the term to describe packages of similarly styled bathroom fixtures. A bathroom suite will typically consist of a bathtub, a toilet, and basin/vanity unit all sharing a similar look.

They’re a great way to ensure your bathroom renovation has a consistent theme, and they can often work out cheaper than buying items individually.

Planning a renovation yourself? Consider something from our huge collection of bathroom suites to make the job that bit easier.

We hope this short guide has provided you with a bit of clarity around what WC suites are and given you a clearer idea of what WC stands for. For more helpful style guides and how-to’s try other posts on our Victorian Plumbing Blog.