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By Alex Beckwith

14th Jul 2022

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If you need help deciding which type of shower tray is best suited for your space, then look no further. We have taken the stress out of it by laying out the different types that are available and why each could be the best one for you!

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Showers really do make or break a bathroom, and this begins with the shower tray. If you are wondering whether a shower would be the best choice for your bathroom, creating a statement with them starts from the ground up. You may be thinking: ‘Wait! Can a shower tray really have that much of an affect when I’m choosing my shower?’ Well, the short answer is yes. Fortunately, the Victorian Plumbing range will offer quality without you splashing out.

Whether you are going for a quadrant tray or a pentagon tray, or you haven’t even decided on a type of shower, we have laid out all the best shower trays to show you why each one could look great in your bathroom!

Types of Shower Trays

Square Trays

Opening up our list of the best shower trays is the ultimate classic: the square tray. These types of trays are ideal for making a statement that doesn’t overpower the rest of your bathroom. If you are wanting to focus on your tiles, bath or any other bathroom feature then implementing a square tray would allow your shower to compliment this. As they can be slotted into a small space, they allow for other features to take the limelight. It really is the ultimate background performer.

Quadrant Trays

Stealing the show with its unique curve is the quadrant tray. It is an alternative that would be the best shower tray for those wanting to save on space and still have a stylish feature. Becoming a very popular addition to modern bathrooms, their two straight sides are ideal for slotting into tight corners, allowing you to still maintain a neat and clean finish whilst saving on a lot of floor space for your bathroom. The curved design also provides plenty of internal space as well, allowing for any accessories you are wanting to introduce and giving those elbows extra room for when you are cleaning yourself. A modern design that is the definition of curvalicious!

Pentagon Trays

An even better alternative to the alternative quadrant tray is the pentagon tray. They offer clean and compact features being a great statement piece for a minimal bathroom design. As unique as the tray itself, the enclosures that go with them are distinctive to their own style and if you are looking for a great conversation starter when showing off your new bathroom, the pentagon tray is where you need to start.

If saving space is your aim, pairing the pentagon tray and a freestanding bath with legs is a technique worth thinking about. Opening the space under your bath helps add depth to your bathroom and enhances the illusion of there being more space which your shower tray will initially create.

Rectangle Trays

Although you may be thinking that rectangular trays have a basic design compared to others, they are a great way of utilising your tools and space. These trays are ideal for a unique statement piece that offers the opportunity of partitioning an area off with shower doors, or introducing a walk-in design similar to a wet room. This then opens the possibility of implementing different features such as tile designsconcealed showers, and alternative shower screens. If you view your rectangular tray as the blank canvas, then extra details and features can be painted on to make your bathroom a work of art!

Offset Trays

Unlike rectangular trays, offset trays offer an unconventional statement piece for your bathroom, ideal if you are wanting a quadrant shower tray with more space. They get their name from an offset waste hole so that stubbing your toes will be less of an issue, a lot more beneficial if you ask me. Offset trays are a great feature when choosing a shower over a bath, being a welcome focal point in any small bathrooms or en-suites.

Slate Effect Trays

Bringing an element of the outdoors in, slate effect trays are beautifully crafted to add a natural feel to your bathroom. With their slate-coloured textured surfaces, they are champions at creating depth and adding a distinct contrast to your bathroom design, great for introducing a modern twist to your space. Our range of slate effect tiles come in the various shapes that have been previously mentioned, however you will get the most fulfilling experience choosing a large rectangle tray such as the Imperia graphite tray; making you feel as though you are showering on the freshwater rocks of Ingleton falls.

Walk-In Trays

Walk-in trays are a modern shower tray that are becoming even more familiar in bathroom styles, an upcoming trend that is well in force in 2022. They can be recessed into the floor so that your walk-in shower looks sleek with an elegant and minimalistic finish. They have a unique characteristic where the tray is split in two; one part is where you will shower and the other is to dry on, with sloped grooves so that drying is an easier experience with less clean up hassle (yes you will be the human version of a dish on the drying rack).

What Are Shower Trays Made Of?


Acrylic shower trays are popular when choosing a shower. They are durable, water-resistant, and extra safe with their natural non-slip resistance. They are also very lightweight which is ideal when upgrading a bathroom as most flooring can withstand it. These shower trays are great for those looking for little maintenance and a clean finish.


Stone Resin

Alternatively, stone resin shower trays are becoming a popular choice amongst buyers. Although they can be more expensive than acrylic, they offer a higher durability, better scratch resistance and are significantly easier to clean and manage. These types of shower trays are perfect for busy family bathrooms, and bathrooms that will see pets being showered in them.

We hope this has been a helpful summary of the best types of shower trays that are available to you for your bathroom layout. If this blog has sparked an idea that you are wanting to try, check out our blog on 15 Shower Room Ideas to capitalise on this idea and give your bathroom the ultimate shower statement piece.

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Alex Beckwith

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