15 Shower Room Ideas to Keep Your Bathroom on Trend

By Trinity

15th Apr 2022

7 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

Victorian Plumbing’s list of the top 15 shower room styles and trends!

Shower Enclosure Glass with Matt Black Frame

If you’re looking to revamp your shower room, but you’re struggling to find inspo, there’s definitely a lot to consider. It can be a challenge to find an aesthetic that truly matches your personal taste, as well as what’s on trend, what’s out of fashion, and what's practical for a bathroom renovation.

So here’s our compilation of 15 striking shower room style trends and how to achieve them:


1. Open up the layout

If you’re looking to open up the layout of your bathroom, a great way to start is by avoiding super stringent divisions.

Instead of creating partitions in your bathroom, try playing with levels instead. By having your shower on a different level to other areas of your bathroom, this allows for segmentation without it being entirely disruptive to the flow of the room.

When it comes to decorating, keep it simple too. Instead of large and ornate vanity units, opt for open shelving and countertop basins on a floating basin shelf. Something like an Arezzo Stone Resin Floating Basin Shelf featuring 2 Curved Rectangular Basins will help maintain that open feel.


2. Enhance the Minimalist effect with the Monochrome trend

When looking to enhance your minimalist shower room, try giving the monochrome trend a go. Layering various shades of black and white with one another can bring the sophistication and suave to any bathroom.

Keep the bathroom tiles large and simple in design. A great choice is marble effect or slate tiles that are on theme. There are also plenty of simple yet unique basins to ensure your bathroom maintains its minimalistic vibe without it seeming boring.

To incorporate the different layers and textures of black and white to truly ace the monochrome trend, perhaps go for a basin that’s matt in finish and either grey or black, rather than a typical white gloss basin.

Some great examples are the Arezzo 352mm Matt Grey Round Counter Top Basin or the Arezzo 465 x 325mm Matt Black Curved Rectangular Counter Top Basin. They both feature unique shapes that will add character to your minimalist, monochrome home.


3. Bring the hotel spa to your home

Looking for rest and relaxation when it comes to your shower room? Then why not bring the spa feel to your own bathroom.

This look is all about comfort, tranquillity, and the ease afforded to you by luxury products and furniture. To begin with, incorporating calming colours like gentle blues and whites help create the atmosphere you’re looking for. Small things like having plush towels and adding plants like eucalyptuses to your bathroom will also contribute to that serene feeling.

To truly heighten the sense of ease, installing a digital shower will bring you a whole new showering experience. Whether through an app or handheld device, digital showers allow you to control temperatures, water flows and set and personalised shower preferences. Now that’s luxury!


4. Embrace traditional aesthetic with timeless classics

If you’re someone who suffers from nostalgia and are more inspired by traditional design aesthetics, this can be achieved in your shower room too.

Utilise rich and glossy greens or blues in your bathroom and pair them with strong silver accessories. Use tiles like the Retford Chevron Green Gloss Wall Tiles and add to them with a traditional shower for the 1920s inspired aesthetic.

To wholeheartedly commit to the classic look, a traditional towel rail would help tie the room together.


5. Use black accents and exposed brickwork to get the industrial look

Recently the industrial trend has made a comeback, and it can be applied perfectly to a shower room. Try and incorporate exposed brick or cement style ceilings or walls and embellish this with dark and sleek accessoires. Not to worry if you don’t have any brickwork in your bathroom, some Rustic Brick Wallpaper should do the trick!

Matt black metalwork is a staple in industrial aesthetics and so shower screens like the Venice Abstract Grid Wetroom Screen incorporate this style with ease. Match this grid style metal work with a modern washstand sink featuring similar detailing like the Arezzo Matt Black Framed Washstand and Basin.

For the smaller details, a Matt Black Wire Shower Basket is a great addition. Soon your bathroom will be looking like a trendy and sophisticated industrial space in no time.


6. Engage in maximalism by filling your bathroom with personality

Go against the grain and say no to the current trends of minimalist aesthetics by filling your shower room with personality by embracing maximalism. Now, to clarify, this doesn’t mean that your bathroom has to be completely chaotic and without a theme to tie it all together.

Utilise bright tiles or panelling in your bathroom and compliment it with bright and quirky bathroom furniture like a vanity or colourful basin. Make use of strong artwork that you enjoy too. To then tie the room together so that it doesn’t look like a complete mix and match of random decor, stick to one colour when it comes to small accessories and furnishings.

For example, having only gold or brass taps, handles, sink wastes and trimmings will help create the feeling of intention amongst the excitement of the colours and flair of your shower room.


7. Dabble in Modern Art Deco Decor for a dynamic shower room

Art Deco is all about bold lines and strong, geometric patterns. What truly makes it art deco is the ability to layer and integrate deep greens or reds and strong golds alongside your black and white patterning.

To build the background of an art deco inspired bathroom, black and white patterning is key so be sure to incorporate this in your tiles. Black or white metro tiles with a contrasting grout colour are a great place to start when it comes to art deco with a modern look. This will prevent the room from looking dated.


8. Use greens and natural stone to feel at one with nature

For those who wish to bring the outside, inside, embracing a nature inspired shower room is a great way to feel connected to mother nature whilst also maintaining a stylish bathroom.

Utilise greenery wherever you can by having plenty of plants, particularly those that thrive in humid environments. But, bringing greenery doesn’t necessarily have to be left to the plants alone. A striking green vanity like the Chatsworth Traditional Green Double Basin Vanity is a great example of that.

Including natural stone where you can, as well as opting for bathroom furniture that doesn’t consist of straight structural lines is also another great way to emulate the natural aesthetic. Going for something like the arezzo arched framed shower screen can be an effective way to replicate the curvature we see in natural environments.


9. The modern “material girl” aesthetic

To achieve the ultimate boujee aesthetic for the modern material girl, marble wall panels and gold or rose gold accessories are your best friends.

Shower wall panels are practical, sleek in design, and eliminate the chances of mould due to the absence of grouting. So choosing these over tiles and opting for a marble effect style will ensure the lifestyle of ease and luxury.


10. Incorporate wood, copper and brass for rustic decor

Panelling like the Multipanel Linda Barker Salvaged Plank Bathroom Wall Panel is a good place to start if you’re looking to incorporate the rustic look into your shower room.

Complete the rustic aesthetic by incorporating brass or copper appendages. Or, if your shower room has space to house a bath, then why not go all out and have a copper bathtub to truly embrace the farmhouse feel.


11. For something that feels different, give textured decor a go

A current trend right now is the return of textured interiors. Utilising different textures in your bathroom furniture is a great way to add depth and dimension to your bathroom, and it certainly keeps things stimulating!

This trend allows for the incorporation of incredibly unique bathroom furniture. A prime example is the fluted glass in the arezzo brushed brass wetroom screen pictured above.

Textured wall tiles such as mosaic tiles or tiles with rustic finishes are also another great way to add texture whilst still keeping things modern and pleasing to look at.


12. The dark, modern and tranquil aesthetic

Another incredibly luxurious shower room aesthetic is the dark, yet warm, modern bathroom. Black and charcoal greys are used to create a soothingly dark atmosphere. This look can be enhanced with deep, dark wooden furniture like a vanity unit or basin shelf.

Gold accents through lighting decor such as the Revive Satin Brass/Opal Glass Light are also a great touch.


All that’s left to complete the look is a modern shower to complete the tranquil vibe!


13. Bring the beach vibes to the bathroom

For those who love the sandy beaches, the open sea, and beach hut aesthetic, a beach inspired shower room might be appealing. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to haul a load of sand into your bathroom, but it’s certainly possible to emulate the feeling of openness and the coastal colours.

With this look, try to incorporate light woods where you can. These can be natural looking or even grey in hue to imitate that driftwood effect. This is also a great way to incorporate some natural textures into your shower room for that rustic beach hut feel.

You can also subtly incorporate your theme through accessories such as the Solstice Brushed Brass LED Illuminated Mirror which is a great way to simulate the rustic beach hut style with a hanging mirror that has a modern and up to date twist.

14. Include bamboo woods to recreate the Japandi style

Japandi style is all about a simplistic style bathroom with clean lines which is then built on with bamboo furniture and accessories. As a unique hybrid between Japanese designs with Scandinavian style features, the aim here is to effortlessly blend together natural textures and matt finishes.

Some great bamboo accessoires are the Wenko Bahari Bamboo Towel Ladder and Wenko Bamboo Laundry Bin for those looking for some japandi style inspo!


15. The arched architecture style trend

Another trend that works well in bathroom decor is the arched architecture theme. Although some go all out and restructure archways in their homes, this aesthetic can be achieved purely through your bathroom furniture, accessories, patterns and design ideas.

The Arezzo Arched Wetroom Screen is a fantastic way to embrace curvature in elements you may not have considered. Pairing it with accessories like the Chatsworth Traditional 673 x 490mm Arched Mirror will have you on the way to achieving the arched aesthetic with ease.

We hope this style guide has given you some insight into many of the most popular and fashionable shower room styles. For more bathroom style inspiration, be sure to check out more of our guides on the Victorian Plumbing Blog!.



Trinity is one of our expert bloggers in bathroom design and DIYs. Read her blog posts for the latest coverage of style trends and easy-to-follow guides.

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