Top 10 Low Pressure Shower Heads

By Trinity

26th Jul 2022

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Stuck with a shower that’s less than satisfying due to low pressure? Check out our breakdown of the top low pressure shower heads and their features.

Low Pressure Shower

Showers can be a rejuvenating and refreshing experience but it can be frustrating when the water flow from the shower head isn’t strong enough due to low pressure. About as frustrating as low water pressure in bathroom taps!  Sometimes you really just need to give yourself a power wash, you know? Not to mention specialised jet streams can have a massaging effect.

There many different types of shower for your bathroom, but if low water pressure is disrupting your flow, there are a couple of ways a new shower might combat this.

What Does a Low Pressure Shower Head Do?

A low pressure shower head installed in a home with low water pressure, can effectively increase the flow of water. Low water pressure in your bathroom can be challenging. To help you bet the best shower possible, choose a shower head that is designed to increase the flow and power of your shower.

Here’s our top 10 low pressure shower heads and how they compensate for low water pressure in the home.

Top 10 Shower Heads for Low Pressure

1. Mira Platinum Dual Rear Fed Digital Shower

The Mira Platinum Dual Rear Fed Digital Shower is a great choice for a home with low water pressure. Mira’s shower technology utilises 4 unique spray settings making it ideal for those who need just that extra pressure when showering. Featuring rainfall spray, burst spray, cloud spray and storm spray, there’s certainly opportunity for all members of the household to find their perfect pressure setting and avoid a low pressure wash.

2. Triton HOME Digital Mixer Shower Pumped All-in-One

Another great low pressure shower head is the Triton HOME Digital Mixer Shower Pumped All-in-One. For a sleek design with hi tech features which help to combat low pressure, this shower is an ideal choice. With its digital remote that allows you to set personal preferences and control temperature, you can also control the pressure of the water spray. Through the digital display you can save three pre-set shower settings meaning that your shower can have the pressure you want, ready for you to step into.

3. Aqualisa Visage Q Smart Shower Concealed

The Aqualisa Visage Q Smart Shower Concealed gives you the choice between a system for low pressure or high pressure set ups. The low pressure shower system gives you greater control over your shower remotely through Mobile App, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. The shower comes with an overhead rainfall shower, as well as a handset. This handset features 4 patterns including eco spray, giving you up to 25% water savings.

4. AQUAS AquaMax Flex Manual X-Jet 9.5KW Shower

For a more unique approach to combating low water pressure, the AQUAS AquaMax Flex Manual X-Jet 9.5KW has a specialised showerhead to give you more from your shower. The showerhead of the Aquamax Flex aligns all of the spray nozzles in a circle which allows the water spray to convene in the middle to create a more concentrated waterflow. AQUAS also provides you with two power settings to allow you to maximise efficiency.

5. hansgrohe Vernis Blend Showerpipe 200 Thermostatic Shower Mixer

Hansgrohe’s Vernis Blend Showerpipe 200 Thermostatic Shower Mixer is another strong contender for top low pressure shower heads. Whilst the overhead shower itself only features one setting: Rain, the handheld shower has an additional option. As well as matching the water flow of the overhead, the handset also offers an IntenseRain setting. This is a more powerful spray which is great for manoeuvrability.

6. Grohe G1000 Performance Low Pressure Euphoria Shower Set

If you’re looking for a shower that’s not only going to improve your water pressure but give you a luxurious shower experience, then the Grohe G1000 Performance Low Pressure Euphoria Shower Set would be an ideal choice. This shower kit comes with a Silverflex shower hose specifically designed to tackle low water pressure. Not to mention this shower makes use of Grohe’s DreamSpray technology which provides optimal distribution of water. This includes 4 spray settings including a jet spray and a massage spray.

7. Mira Coda Pro ERD Thermostatic Bar Shower Mixer Shower

Another Mira shower that’s certainly worth a mention is the Mira Coda Pro ERD Thermostatic Bar Shower Mixer Shower. This differs from the Mira platinum digital shower because of its Mira magni-flo technology which delivers up to three times more flow than other mixer showers, even at low pressures.

8. Aqualisa iSystem Smart Shower Concealed

Aqualisa’s iSystem Smart Shower Concealed is another high tech system from Aqualisa for low pressure shower heads. Whilst it does share similarities with the Visage Q Smart Shower, especially in terms of its ability to connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, this shower also features a boost button for enhanced flow.

9. Juno Bar Shower Package with Valve + Slider Rail Kit

If a simple mixer shower that is also good for low water pressure is what you’re looking for, then the Juno Bar Shower Package is a good choice. Whilst this shower may not come with all the bells and whistles featured by some of the other showers on this list, the Juno Bar Shower offers an array of water pressures. With a range from a light spritz to a rejuvenating blast, you won’t be disappointed by this small but mighty low pressure showerhead.

10. AQUAS Aquamax Pro with Column Manual Electric Shower

An additional Aquas shower that made it to our top low pressure shower heads list is the AQUAS Aquamax Pro with Column Manual Electric Shower. With a completely different showerhead than the Aquamax Flex, this shower will provide you with a completely different experience. The handset features a three spray pattern which includes rain, massage, and mix air technology. Whilst both AQUAS Aquamax showers can operate with gravity fed water systems, they do require 1 bar in pressure to function so it’s worth bearing this in mind.

Now that you’ve seen our top 10 for low pressure shower heads, find which low pressure shower will work best for you!



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