Different Types of Shower for Your Bathroom

By Trinity

4th Mar 2022

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There are different types of shower you can choose for your bathroom. Follow Victorian Plumbing’s detailed guide to help you choose the best shower for your home.

Rainfall Shower

Too many of us can admit to taking out our frustration on a loofah when we’ve gone to have a shower at the end of a long day and the water is cold! And we’ve all thrown wild accusations around the household, demanding that whoever is using the tap whilst you’re showering should stop immediately because the water pressure is practically nonexistent. The point is, showering can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience when you have the right type of shower for your home. And it can be insufferable when you have the wrong one!

There are multiple different types of showers to choose from, each with their own pros and cons, and each set up for different water systems.

What shower is best for you will depend on your water supply system, how your water is stored, what the water pressure is like in your home, and what features you want for your shower. So, let’s save your loofah some grief and help you choose the right shower for your home!

Popular brands:

Different Types of Shower for Your Bathroom

Electric Showers

Electric showers have one unique selling point that sets them aside from the rest of the competition. Other types of showers have to rely on both hot and cold water supplies which makes your shower vulnerable to disruption if the hot water is used up. However this will never be a problem with electric showers. Electric showers take water solely from the cold water supply because they have a specialised heating element that instantly warms your water to the desired temperature.

This makes electric showers great for busy families, or flats you may share with your friends, as you can be assured there will be no fights over who used up all the hot water! Generally speaking, electric showers are compatible with all water systems. This being said, electric showers may not thrive in homes with low water pressure. They are, however, a great energy saving option. This is because they only heat water when you’re using it, rather than having to heat water round the clock like a boiler.

The downside, however, to electric showers only impacts a select few. If you live in an area prone to power outages or have a home that often experiences power cuts, this will leave you without a hot water supply in your shower. But if you’re unlikely to risk taking a shower in the dark when there’s a power outage then this may not be an issue for you!

Interested in viewing some popular electric showers for your bathroom? Take a look at these special selections from the Aqualisa and Triton electric shower ranges.

AQUAS AquaMax Flex Manual X-Jet 9.5KW Full Chrome Electric Shower

The AQUAS AquaMax Flex Manual X-Jet is a great option for an electric shower. To offset the fact that electric showers don’t do great with low pressure, this electric shower comes with the x-jet technology to provide a more powerful spray.

Triton - Aspirante 8.5kw Electric Shower

Another strong contender is the Triton - Aspirante Electric Shower. Not only does this electric shower come fitted with a low pressure indicator, but it also has a five spray head function to ensure a strong and even flow.

Digital Showers

In contrast to electric showers, digital showers supply you with water at the desired temperature by utilising both hot and cold water supplies in your home. Whilst we’ve already covered how this can be disadvantageous, don’t count digital showers out just yet as they have some features that truly make them the height of luxury when it comes to bathroom technology.

Nowadays, high tech smart equipment is centred around making your life easier and providing you with the best experience. This is exactly the edge that digital showers provide. Digitals showers provide you with the most precise control over your showers flow, temperature, and even allows you to set a timer so that your shower stops after a specified time limit. This is a great feature for those with household members who love performing a rendition of their favourite singer’s world tour from the shower!

Digital showers allow you to control these various aspects from an app on your smartphone or tablet, a control unit and from the shower unit itself. If you’re fussy about your shower and have it down to an exact science, a digital shower is the way to go. They work well with a mains pressure combination boiler. When comes to choosing a digital shower for your bathroom, the easiest option is to go with the most popular models. View selected models from the Triton and Mira digital shower ranges below.

Mira Mode Ceiling Fed Digital Shower Mixer (High Pressure / Combi Boiler)

The Mira Mode Ceiling Fed Digital Shower Mixer is a great choice for those looking to up their tech game. With 4 unique spray modes to choose from, this digital shower will be sure to provide the ideal experience for even the fussiest of showerers. Any and all personalised settings can be set from the Mira Mode shower app.

Triton HOME Digital Mixer Shower Pumped All-in-One with Square Fixed Head & Outlet Elbow Handset Holder

A great feature of the Triton HOME Digital Mixer Shower is the ability to control your settings from the shower’s smart control that utilises a high tech digital display screen. And let’s not overlook the stunning, sleek and modern design of the tritons rainfall showerhead!

Mixer Showers

Like digital showers, mixer showers also make use of both the hot and cold water supplies in your household to give you your desired temperature. Something that’s great about mixer showers is that they’re guaranteed to provide you with a higher water pressure than an electric shower. So those of you that prefer a stronger shower flow, a mixer shower is a great option for you.

Mixer showers work best in mains pressure systems and gravity fed water systems so if you have either of these in your household then a mixer shower is a good choice. If you’re ever unsure what type of water system you have, there’s no harm in checking with your local plumber so that you can get one of the best types of showers for your home.

Another great feature of mixer showers is should you opt for a thermostatic mixer shower, they really have some great additional features. Thermostatic mixer showers don’t only retain all the features of the standard mixer shower, but they continuously measure water temperature and recalibrate should there be any temperature fluctuations. This is a great safety feature for those with young children as it will ensure they don’t get scalded

Mira Relate ERD Thermostatic Shower Mixer

The Mira Relate ERD Thermostatic Shower Mixer not only has the internal thermostatic function mentioned above, it also utilises Mira’s Cool Shield technologies. This prevents the external valve from overheating, meaning that anyone who touches it won’t be exposed to a boiling hot valve.

Milan Modern Bath Shower Mixer inc. Overhead Rainfall Shower Head

A bath mixer with a shower extension like the Milan Modern Bath Shower Mixer is a great option for those who have a shower above their bath, rather than a separate shower enclosure. This mixer incorporates a sleek design with practicality for a great shower experience.

Power Showers

Power showers operate in the same way that mixer showers do. They take water from the hot and cold water supplies and merge them to create your desired temperature. However, there are some stark differences between the two.

The most obvious one is where the power shower derives its name from, “power”. Power showers come fitted with an electric pump to increase water pressure in your shower. This makes power showers great for those who are tired of low water pressure in your home. Power showers have the power to turn your rainfall shower from light drizzle to a full on downpour!

However, it’s important to note that power showers are only suitable for certain water systems. Namely gravity-fed water systems. Power showers aren’t compatible with combination boilers or any pressurised systems. So, if you have a cold water tank in your attic that then feeds into a hot water tank then a power shower will thrive in your home.

Bristan - Hydropower Thermostatic Power Shower 1000 XT

Bristan - Hydropower Thermostatic Power Shower will provide a powerful shower experience. What’s great is the Hydropower’s automatic shut off system in the event of hot or cold water supply failure.

Triton Silent Running Thermostatic Power Shower

Aside from its ability to offset low water pressure, the Triton Silent Running Thermostatic Power Shower ensures a quiet shower, despite its powerful electric pump.

Hopefully this guide has helped you decipher the different types of showers and which one might be suited best to your home. For more information about the different water systems, feel free to check out our blog The Beginner’s Guide to Home Water Systems.



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