Kit Kat Tiles That Will Transform Your Kitchen

By Trinity

17th Aug 2023

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Kit kat tiles are a popular renovation trend for kitchens and bathrooms. Find out how to style them and which kit kat tiles will completely transform your kitchen.

kitchen with blue tiled wall

Tiles on Trend

There is a constant stream of new tiles for your kitchen. From popular colours and themes to new tiles and arrangements, there are so many ways to create a trendy and stylish kitchen. Terrazzo tiles, geometric tiles and fluted designs have become prominent in both kitchen and bathroom renovations over the last year.

A new trend that has become particularly popular is kit kat tiles. Typically, they come in sheet form as they are so small, and this makes them a super versatile tile, great for splashbacks and feature walls to bring unique character to a space!

10 Kit Kat Tiles For Your On Trend Kitchen


1. Otsu Mini Kit-Kat Mosaic Tile Sheet Gloss White with Shaded Edges

A great thing about kit kat mosaic tiles is the added texture you can bring to a space. Bringing texture to your kitchens or bathrooms over colour is a current trend that works well for those who want to keep things simple without being boring. That makes these gloss white kit kat tiles an ideal choice to create some charm and depth in your space. 


2. Matteo Fluted Green Wall Tiles

These green fluted kit kat tiles exude depth and luxury. For large spaces in your kitchen, a vertical tile arrangement will help them span across the space, but for more focused spaces like a splashback, why not try a horizontal layout? A deep green like this pairs well with either brushed brass or matt black fixtures. Fluted kitchen and bathroom furniture is also incredibly popular, so opting for this style of kit kat tile will ensure a super on trend aesthetic. 


3. Otsu Kit-Kat Mosaic Tile Sheet Gloss Pink

Pink is all the rage this year, so of course there are some kit kat tiles for you to pull off a pretty and pink aesthetic. These pale pink kit kat tiles bring a delicate and sophisticated touch to your kitchen without overwhelming the space. Create your pink dream house! 


4. Matteo Fluted Blue Wall Tiles

Encapsulate deep and royal blue tones with these fluted kit kat wall tiles. This colour creates a stunning contrast to brushed brass fixtures in a kitchen but can match well with matt black too. The range of blue shades incorporated in the tile creates a stunning rippling effect. 


5. Otsu Mini Kit-Kat Mosaic Tile Sheet Gloss Turquoise Speckled

A similar style is the otsu mini kit kat mosaic sheet in turquoise which is also great for creating contrast against your kitchen fixtures. Their gloss speckled finish brings an almost rustic charm to your space. 


6. Otsu Concave Kit-Kat Mosaic Tile Sheet Gloss Barn Red

To incorporate a bold and eye catching look, these barn red kit kat tiles should be at the top of your list. Ideal for a stunning splashback or feature wall, this will add a dynamic and unique element to your kitchen space. These tile sheets also work incredibly well on curved surfaces. 


7. Otsu Mini Kit-Kat Mosaic Tile Sheet Gloss Grey Speckled

If you enjoy the kit kat tile style but you’re after a more uniform look, these speckled grey gloss tiles could help create a suave and sophisticated vibe in your kitchen. This can contribute towards a sleek look perfect for pairing with matt black fixtures. 


8. Atlantis Fluted Aquamarine Wall Tiles 

For an aquamarine inspired set of kit kat tiles these atlantis fluted tiles are great. This design features a stunning sea blue shade, speckled with light oranges, reds and browns to create a rust pattern almost like coral on the seafloor. This is a fantastic way to bring a theme full of character and depth to your kitchen. 


9. Otsu Mini Kit-Kat Mosaic Tile Sheet Gloss Fjord Green

Sage and mint greens have been another popular colour in the renovation scene. These gloss fjord green kit kat mosaic tiles are another on trend look that would function great in your kitchen. 


10. Otsu Concave Kit-Kat Mosaic Tile Sheet Gloss Yellow Speckled

To implement a strong modern look, full of bright and bold colour, these yellow gloss kit kat tiles could truly liven up your kitchen. Whilst these tiles might be overwhelming if used across large spans of wall, when used to accentuate certain sections of your kitchen this can have a highlighting and brightening effect. 



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