How to Stop the Bathroom Mirror Steaming Up

By Greg

1st Sep 2022

3 mins read

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Stop the age old annoying problem of a foggy mirror with these easy and handy tips from Victorian Plumbing

How To Stop The Bathroom Mirror Steaming Up
How To Stop The Bathroom Mirror Steaming Up

Why does the bathroom mirror steam up?
Tip 1. Windows
Tip 2. Shaving foam
Tip 3. Vinegar
Tip 4. Dish soap
Tip 5. A de-mist mirror

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A misty mirror

The bathroom mirror is a big part of everybody’s daily routine however we all face the same problem... it steams up. Whether shaving or applying make-up; after a shower your bathroom will fill up with steam and make your mirror fog up. It’s a nightmare to get anything done and we're constantly looking for new ways to stop the bathroom mirror from steaming up. Over here at Victorian Plumbing, we’ve picked up a few tricks that can help to stop this bathroom blunder from ever happening again.

Why does the bathroom mirror steam up?

Whilst you are in the shower or bath, your bathroom is filling with hot moisture (condensation) and when this meets the cold surface of your bathroom mirror it creates a thin layer of fog. Thankfully, all it takes is a little bit of elbow grease and imagination to stop this from happening in the future.

Tip 1. Windows

First things first, if you have a window in your bathroom, open it. The steam will simply flow right out of the window leaving your bathroom fog free and you can go about your bathroom routine like normal. It does have its draw back however because although it will get rid of the condensation, you will also lose the heat in your bathroom and in the winter months that’s probably not what you want.

Tip 2. Shaving foam

It might seem strange but using shaving foam really does work to stop the mirror from steaming up. Simply apply a thin layer of foam all over the mirror and wipe away with a dry cloth until you can see the mirror normally. This should work for about a week or two and when it begins to be less effective simply apply this method again. Try not to add too much though, because it WILL leave streaks and won’t give the same results.

Tip 3. Vinegar

Yep, that’s right, they’re not just good on your chips. Make a small mixture, half vinegar and half water, apply it with a cloth and wipe away with a different (dry) cloth until there are no more marks or streaks. This should work for just under a week and is one of the cheapest options. However it may leave a smell for about an hour after application so you may want to squeeze some lemons or limes into the mix to give it a nice aroma.

Tip 4. Dish soap

Another item that is easily accessible in the house and can be used to de-mist your mirror is a dish soap. Treat the mirror like you would a glass bowl. Add a little bit of soap to a wet cloth, and then simply wipe it away with a dry one. This method may only last a day but is really easy nonetheless.

Tip 5. A de-mist mirror

I know it sounds obvious, but there are tons of different cosmetic mirrors available these days, with demister pads and anti-fog coating so they should stay clear and steam-free. There are some really nice options too; like bathroom mirrors with illuminated backgrounds and integrated shaving plug sockets.

We really hope these simple tricks will help save you time and stress in the bathroom. Do you have any of your own tricks for this problem? Let us know in the comment section below and we'll be posting our favourites on Facebook and Twitter!



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