How To Pick The Right Kitchen Sink Size For Your Space

By George

13th May 2021

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We take a look at the three most popular kitchen sink sizes to help you figure out which would work best for your home.

How To Pick The Right Kitchen Sink Size For Your Space

When it comes to the kitchen, your choice of sink can have a surprisingly big impact on the overall look of the space.

Now seen as a style feature in their own right, you’ll find a whole host of kitchen sink options to choose from - spoiling you for choice in terms of designs and style.

However, the general size of your sink is one of the most important things to get right.

Choose well and you’ll have a good-looking sink that allows your kitchen to work effectively. Choose poorly and you could end up being frustrated by your sink’s shortcomings - and be left with a cumbersome kitchen.

Using some stunning options from hangrohe’s kitchen sink range, we cover the top 3 standard kitchen sink sizes; detailing their pros and cons to help you figure out which would be the best fit for you.

We also take a look at some specialist kitchen taps to give you ideas on what would work best for you.

The Right Size Kitchen Sink

To make the wide range of kitchen sink sizes easier to digest we’ve broken them down into three key divisions.

Standard Single Bowl Sinks - These are by far the most prevalent option in Britain’s kitchens. Single bowl kitchen sinks are exactly what the name suggests - compact kitchen sinks that feature a single bowl. They’re a versatile option too; you can find them with and without draining boards and they’re available in a tonne of appealing designs.

Key Details

  • Available with and without draining boards.
  • Best for countertops with 45-80cm of space.
  • We advise fitting them with swivel taps for ease of use.

Recommended for: Smaller kitchens, one or two-person households, and infrequent kitchen users.

The hansgrohe C51-F450-06 1.0 Bowl Kitchen Sink, pictured below, is an exemplary compact kitchen sink. It’s made of hansgrohe’s SilicaTec granite - a unique composite material that is exceptionally hardwearing yet soft to the touch.

hansgrohe C51-F450-06 1.0 Bowl Kitchen Sink & Tap Bundle - 43217000

Extra Large Single Bowl Sinks - Spacious extra large single bowl sinks can help add sophistication to space and make busier family kitchens run like well-oiled machines. The extra width makes cleaning larger items, such as baking trays and frying pans, a breeze. Opt for one without a draining board for a truly impressive minimalist look. Alternatively, go for one with a board to encourage a tidy and organised kitchen.

Key Details

  • Available with or without draining boards.
  • Suitable for cleaning large items such as baking trays and frying pans.
  • For countertops with at least 80cm of space.
  • We advise equipping them with pull-out and swivel kitchen taps to make cleaning easier.

Recommended for: Medium to large kitchens, families, frequent kitchen users.

The hansgrohe S510-U660 1.0 Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink is our pick here. A gorgeous and roomy sink in an on-trend graphite finish, it’s capable of suiting almost any modern kitchen. This sink is also made using hansgrohe’s stellar SilicaTec granite - making it ideal for bustling households.

1.5 Bowl and Double Bowl Sinks - Due to the inclusion of a second bowl, 1.5 bowl and double bowl sinks are often the largest kitchen sink size of the bunch. The additional bowl can be a great help in hectic kitchens, allowing you to use the tap without issue if your main bowl is already in use. Just make sure that you’ve got enough excess counter space; installing one in a smaller area could be counterproductive.

Key Details

  • Available with or without draining boards.
  • Allow you to comfortably carry out several jobs at once.
  • or countertops with between 80-90cm of space.
  • You’ll need a swivel tap at the very least - but we advise you choose one with a pull-out spray for that second bowl.

Recommended for: Larger kitchens, big families, dedicated cooks.

The hansgrohe S510-U635 1.5 Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink ticks all of our boxes. Whether you’re thinking of a full renovation or just upgrading your sink, this unobtrusive undermounted design will suit all manner of kitchens. The additional half bowl is a godsend for working through demanding recipes and for tackling big piles of washing up.

What Kitchen Taps Shall I Go For?

Whether you opt for a compact kitchen sink or an imposing double sink, it won’t be of much use without a suitable kitchen tap!

Choosing a kitchen tap largely comes down to the style you prefer, but you’ll also need to take into account what you value most in the kitchen.

In addition to standard kitchen mixer taps, there are tonnes of specialist options to cater to your every need.

Something from our wide range of filter taps, for example, would be a stellar choice for those who desire better tasting tap water.

Alternatively, if you always find yourself waiting for the kettle to boil or want to speed up cooking, one of our instant boiling water taps could be for you.

And finally, pull out spray kitchen taps are our recommended option for larger kitchen sinks and double bowl kitchen sinks - such as the hansgrohe kitchen sinks mentioned above.

If our guide to choosing the right size kitchen sinks has given you a better idea of what you’re looking for, check out our entire Kitchen Sinks range. Still unsure? Try our related guide, Surface-Mounted, Flush-Fit or Undermounted: Choosing the Right Type of Kitchen Sink. For all other kinds of bathroom inspiration, stay with us on the Victorian Plumbing blog.



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