Choosing Wall Panels for My Bathroom

By Antonia

18th Jan 2022

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Best known for their waterproof structure, Victorian Plumbing discuss different types of shower wall panels so you can determine your perfect pick!

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Different Types of Panels For Your Shower

Also known as wet wall panels or bathroom wall panels, shower wall panels are a waterproof, cost-effective alternative to tiles. Simple installation and minimal upkeep are key factors for their rise in popularity.

Based on construction, there are 3 main types of shower wall panel - Laminated, PVC and Acrylic. With different brands, sizes and designs to choose from, we discuss all things shower panel to help you establish the best choice!

Waterproof Wall Panels For Bathrooms

PVC Shower Panels

PVC shower panels are a watertight seal built to provide a seamless and stylish finish. Made with strong, lightweight properties, PVC shower panels are generally 6mm thick and feature a tongue and groove design for easy installation.

PVC shower panels are ideal for busy bathrooms as, unlike tiles, they require little maintenance to stay fresh. A simple wipe down is all that’s needed, avoiding the dreaded chore of scrubbing!

If you’re on a budget, PVC shower wall panels are an ideal pick as they allow you to experience the desired look of natural textures, at a much lower price. With a huge selection of colours to choose from, wood, stone and quartz designs are more popular as they offer clean and contemporary results without the cost (or weight) of the real thing!

Create a captivating and elegant space with the Orion White Arctic Sparkle PVC Wall Panel. This fast-fix design featuring a mirrored fleck pattern, sparkles and reflects light around the room to form a mesmerising and unforgettable effect!

Ensuring you have the correct trims for inner edges of a wall panel is essential. Orion offers a number of internal and external trims to ensure a watertight finish, allowing easy cleaning and no space for moulds to grow. Providing excellent insulation and soundproofing, the Orion White Arctic Sparkle PVC Wall Panel will bring functionality, practicality, and of course style, to your bathroom.

Acrylic Shower Panels

Acrylic shower panels are a durable, waterproof solution that offer a luxury, high gloss finish.

In comparison to PVC, acrylic shower panels are heavier and more expensive due to their construction of layered materials. Although heavier, acrylic shower panels are a slimmer build and are generally around 4 mm in thickness.

Acrylic shower wall panels prevent damage from knocks or bumps thanks to their dense, sturdy structure - manufactured to stand the test of time! They come in a range of colours, however PVC do offer a wider selection of designs.

Most popular for providing a smooth, delicate surface, acrylic shower panels have a similar finish to glass. They can transform your space as their polished coating reflects light around the room to make it feel and look bigger!

With a 10 year guarantee, the Mira Flight Wall Panel is available in different sizes and has the look and feel of tiles, without the tricky installation and devious upkeep. It’s manufactured from acrylic-capped ABS for high impact resistance and incorporates BioCote® antimicrobial technology to reduce bacteria and mould by up to 99.9%.

Mira Flight Wall Panel

Complete with a modern and charming finish, Mira offers innovative straight and corner connectors to ensure a seamless display and leak-proof bathroom.

Laminated Shower Panels

Laminated MDF shower wall panels are the thickest, heaviest and normally most expensive of the bunch. With a core material sealed in a waterproof laminate, they range from 10mm to 10.5mm in thickness.

The plywood body is high-pressure laminated on both sides to provide maximum strength and protection from heat and moisture. Thanks to their sturdy build, laminated shower wall panels guarantee a solid support for your walls and shower and can be fitted over existing tiling, painted walls or surfaces!

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Multipanel Linda Barker Dolce Macchiato Wall Panel

With a 30 year guarantee, the Multipanel Linda Barker Dolce Macchiato Wall Panel brings a welcoming feel to your space as it consists of warm, neutral shades that mimic real slabs of granite.

Multipanel wall panels offer an unlipped or tongue and groove option for simple installation, as well as the freedom to install to larger walls without joining trims. Multipanel also recommends a Bath and Shower Tray Seal Kit or Sealux-N Silicone Sealant for ultimate protection.

Overall, laminated wall panels are a hassle-free alternative to tiling and an easy way to modernise space, create a focal point and bring your dream bathroom to life.

What Shower Wall Panel Is Best for Me?

The application of shower wall panels may determine what panel is best for you. Acrylic panels may offer a sturdy, watertight seal, however, their designs are limited, so if you’re after anything more decorative you may need to look elsewhere.

As laminate panels are more expensive and harder to cut, they are ideally suited to heavy commercial jobs where impact resistance is a major priority.

Above all, PVC wall panels offer the benefits of a premium product to those with smaller budgets. With a wide range of designs to choose from PVC panels provide style and protect your bathroom.



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