8 Most Popular Bathroom Colours For 2018

By Edward

8th Sep 2017

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Which bathroom colour ideas are perfect for your bathroom?

8 Most Popular Bathroom Colours For 2018

1. Grey
2. Neutral
3. White
4. Black and White
5. Copper
6. Green
7. Black
8. Blue

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One of the first questions you'll ask yourself when planning a new bathroom is which bathroom colours to go for? It can really help to have a concise list of all the different bathroom colour schemes open to you and also to see ideas of bathroom fixtures and products that match particular bathroom colours.

In this expert article from online bathrooms retailer Victorian Plumbing we give our opinion on the best colours for a bathroom in 2018 and highlight which products are best for each particular bathroom colour scheme. If you're interested in how this year's bathroom colour ideas compare to last year's list then take a look at the 7 most popular bathroom colours for 2017.

1. Grey

Grey bathrooms have been a revelation in bathroom design over the past few years. The sophisticated yet understated neutral colour of a grey bathroom has certainly become a firm favourite with UK homeowners. Grey is perfect for either a large or small bathroom and this universal colour will work well in both a modern or traditional bathroom.

The popularity of grey bathrooms has meant that there are now more grey bathroom products on the market in the UK than ever before. Grey bathroom tiles for either the floor or walls of your bathroom are a great way to achieve this bathroom look. Another way of introducing this colour into your bathroom is with grey bathroom furniture or even a grey painted bath. For more grey bathroom ideas be sure to check our ultimate guide to grey bathrooms.

2. Neutral

Neutral bathroom designs have remained at the top of our list of the most popular colours for a bathroom because a neutral bathroom remains such a savvy colour choice when planning a bathroom renovation. The soothing hues of a neutral bathroom means they sit easy on the eye and they're also a great bathroom colour idea for a rented home or if you're preparing your house for the property market.

A popular choice for neutral bathrooms is wood effect floor tiles. Wood effect has become more popular than real wood in recent times because they are harder wearing and more cost effective than real wood, while still achieving the desired look. Another idea for a neutral bathroom is driftwood style bathroom furniture like the driftwood version of our Brooklyn furniture collection. For further neutral bathroom ideas why not take a look at our ultimate guide to neutral colour bathrooms.

3. White

The colour white is by far and away the most popular colour for a bathroom in the UK. The bright and clean look of white bathrooms makes them virtually future-proof meaning that your bathroom won't look dated in 5 years time. The outstanding popularity of white also means that there are more white bathroom products available in the UK than any other bathroom colour.

White bathroom tiles remain as popular as ever and there are some fantastic ranges on the market like white metro tiles or even marble effect or hexagon shaped tiles. White bathroom furniture is an extremely popular choice for white bathrooms, popular ranges available from Victorian Plumbing include our Cove and Turin white bathroom cabinet collections. For more white bathroom ideas that include white bathroom taps and radiators take a look at our ultimate guide to white bathrooms.

4. Black and White

A black and white bathroom, otherwise known as a monochrome bathroom, is a classic look that has been stealing people's hearts for a long time now. The stunning contrast between the opposite shades in black and white bathrooms offers a stunning visual effect that can often make a monochrome bathroom appear much more expensive that it is in reality.

A few black and white bathroom ideas worth taking a look at are black and white bathroom tiles or even black and white bathroom wallpaper. A popular choice when planning a monochrome bathroom is to go for a patterned tiled floor above clean white painted or tiled bathroom walls. Another black and white bathroom idea is to create a feature wall on one wall of your room using bathroom wallpaper.

5. Copper

The idea of using copper or rose gold in place of chrome in your bathroom is an emerging trend that is just beginning to take off. Copper offers a refreshing change from chrome and just like chrome, copper can effectively work with any bathroom style and colour of bathroom.

Copper bathroom taps and accessories offer a refreshing change from chrome. This small bathroom showcases the Hemsby collection of rose gold bathroom fixtures manufactured by trusted UK firm Heritage Bathrooms.
Heritage Hemsby Rose Gold Basin Taps

A copper bathroom is a relatively new concept and as such there aren't too many copper products on the market right now. One range we do have available here at Victorian Plumbing is the Hemsby rose gold collection by trusted manufacturer Heritage. The Hemsby collection includes a copper showercopper bathroom taps and even a copper freestanding tap.

6. Green

Ever since colour aficionados Pantone announced that greenery was going to be the colour of the year for 2017, green bathrooms have been enjoying a much welcomed renaissance. Green bathrooms got a bad reputation because back in the 1970s and 1980s it was all the rage to install a avocado colour bathroom suite and let's just say these bathroom colours didn't age well.

Having recently been asked the question why are green bathrooms back in again, we took a look at how you can subtly incorporate this much loved colour into your bathroom design. Green bathroom tiles are a popular way of adding a splash of greenery to your new bathroom and another great choice is to add more plants to your bathroom. If you would like more information on what plants are best for the bathroom then take a look at our recent article about creating a brilliant botanical bathroom.

7. Black

Choosing black as the dominant colour for your new bathroom is a surefire way of making a statement with your design. Black bathrooms are cool, sophisticated and highly desirable. A black bathroom can work with any style of bathroom however a popular way of using this colour is for ultra-modern bathrooms.

A few ideas to consider if your looking to add a little black to your bathroom design are black tilesblack bathroom furniture or maybe even a black radiator. For more black bathroom ideas take a look at our guide to incorporating black into your bathroom.

8. Blue

The colour blue has traditionally been a popular colour to include when planning a bathroom renovation. This cool and calming hue has seen a steady rise in popularity in recent times and this rise looks set to continue.

The key to incorporating blue into your bathroom is to use splashes of colour sparingly. Blue wallpaper or a blue bathroom cabinet are really nice ways of introducing this colour. Blue bathroom tiles are another way of subtly adding colour to your bathroom design and one collection of tiles that are definitely worth a look at are our Vibe collection of blue patterned tiles.

Which bathroom colour idea is best suited to your new bathroom? We hope our guide to bathroom colour schemes has helped with your bathroom colour decision and you have picked up a little inspiration to help you achieve your dream bathroom. For more 2018 bathroom ideas, a great read is our 2018 guide to the latest bathroom trends which includes the top 10 trends of 2018. Thank you for reading and good luck with your new bathroom!



Edward is one our bathroom bloggers here at Victorian Plumbing. Edward loves inspirational bathroom designs. When not writing popular 'How To' step-by-step DIY guides, he is posting buying guides that reveal his ideas on the latest bathroom styles and trends.

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