Incorporating Black Into Your Bathroom

By Rob

27th Feb 2014

3 mins read

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How to effectively use black bathroom products to generate a classy bathroom style.

Incorporating Black Into Your Bathroom

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We all know that white bathrooms give off a fresh, simplistic feel, while colourful rooms give us a warm, welcoming embrace. But what about black bathrooms? Or at least bathrooms that have a heavy emphasis on the colour? Well, incorporating black into the style of your bathroom has become quite a popular thing to do, and it can have astonishingly good results. Adding a noir element creates a moody yet inviting effect that will give your bathroom a highly sophisticated appearance.

Get The Look

So, what’s the best way to go about designing a stunning black bathroom? Well, a good starting point would be to think about what tiling you’re going to use. Black bathroom tiles are a common feature in many bathrooms as they add a refined, stylish look to both walls and floor. Many variants of these tiles exist, so you can go for either an ultra-modern gloss or enrich your bathroom's look with a exquisite satin finish. It may be best to break up some of the black with white tile borders; something like a checkered style, or tiles which have subtle patterns featured on them.

The beauty of having a bathroom that has the colour black as its main attribute is that it can be incorporated into pretty much any style, whether you’ve gone for a sleek, modern design or a more traditional approach.

With your tiling in place, it’s time to add to the overall effect with some well-chosen fittings and furniture. Although you can opt for standard black gloss finish toilets and basins both can be supplied in stunning matte black finishes like this Bauhaus basin; creating a really unique feel to the bathroom.

Freestanding bathtubs are also available in black. Not only does the chic look of a freestanding bathtub enhance the look of your bathroom but, the black finish creates a high-class tone that will wow your friends and family. The impact of white or chrome feet is not to be underestimated here. Alternatively, natural stone baths look sensational in white, but a black natural stone bath has a real designer edge that will provide a stunning focal point to the room. Black baths can be hard to find and options are limited however, a white bath can be accessorised with black bath panels to create the effect of a bathtub with a gorgeous black finish.

If you’re aiming for a contemporary tone, a black shower tower would give your room a luxurious upgrade that will transform your showering experience; as these units often feature components such as body jets and steam settings. Another fantastic option to consider is a black electric shower. These look amazing in modern black bathrooms with their ultra-shiny appearance.

Black bathroom furniture isn’t hard to find either, and vanity units or cabinets in this colour would certainly complement the setting perfectly. Wooden furniture also suits this environment as it tends to mix really well with black. There are lots of gorgeous fittings out there which will set this style off right so have a little look around and see what will improve your bathroom. Black bathroom cabinets and vanity units can be found in a high gloss lacquered finish for those seeking ultra-modern results.

Finishing Touches

As is the case with any beautiful bathroom, one of the most important key areas to focus on is the smaller details. Beginning with your fittings, it’s easy to customise your bathtub or basin with the addition of a black bathroom taps. These taps will help to give off a bespoke feeling as they are not items you find every bathroom. It's worth checking out the matte black mixer taps for a superior touch of class.

It’s also worth paying attention to your lighting. A well-placed black chandelier or black ceiling mounted lights can improve the appeal of the room. Including elements of chrome can also boost this style as it works incredibly well with black, giving off a regal look and incredible charm.

If you love a warm bathroom, especially in the winter months, or just like stepping out of the bath or shower into a warm, dry towel then bathroom heating is a must. There is a desirable selection to choose from if you're thinking of adding a black towel radiator to your bathroom. Whether you're aiming for a traditional or modern black bathroom style there are plenty of options including column radiators, ladder towel rails and panel radiators with optional black and chrome valves.

You don't have to use black bathroom accessories to complete the look. Chrome accessories such as towel rings or toilet roll holders will work brilliantly with the monochrome feel of the room, while adding a chrome freestanding tap to a black counter top basin would be a very sleek modern touch. Gold accessories will also work nicely here, especially in period inspired locations. Don’t forget about coordinating your general bathroom items such as tumblers and towels for a complete look.

Simple, subtle upgrades like this can make a huge difference to the overall visual effect a bathroom has, and we can’t overstate their importance enough.

Introducing black to your bathroom is a style that will be big this year, and black does tend to stay in fashion so you won’t need to worry about replacing everything in a year’s time!

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