5 Benefits of Using a Towel Warmer

By Trinity

1st Feb 2023

4 mins read

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Towel warmers are a stylish choice, but what are the advantages of having one? Find out the top 5 benefits of using a towel warmer in your bathroom.

Black Heated Towel Rail

Is having a heated towel rail really worth it, or is a towel warmer simply an frivolous luxury? Towel warmers have been a staple in bathrooms since the beginning of time, but many people wonder whether they are better for your bathrooms than an actual radiator. 

Well as it turns out, heated towel rails actually have some really great benefits. 


1. Heated towel rails warm more than just towels 

The most obvious benefit to a towel warmer is that they warm your towels. There is no better feeling than hopping out of a shower or bath and being able to wrap yourself up in a warm and cosy towel or bathrobe. They provide a couple of other heat benefits too. Due to their lower BTU, most towel warmers are not going to be able to heat a room the way a typical radiator might. However, given time they are certainly capable of taking the chill out of the air, or even out of your bathroom tiles. 

2. Heated towel rails are efficient

Towel warmers tend to be smaller than typical radiators. This brings two great advantages. The first is that because they have a smaller surface area, they heat up much quicker. The second is that due to their size and function they have a much lower BTU output. This makes them energy efficient as they require less electricity and for shorter amounts of time.

3. Heated towel rails are stylish 

Outside of the obvious benefits, heated towel rails actually provide some pretty unique style in a bathroom. With a variety of options in both traditional and modern designs, they're perfect for adding a bit of character to your bathroom. You can go small and traditional like the Chatsworth Savoy Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator, or make a statement with the Venice Brushed Brass Leaning Ladder Heated Towel Rail.

4. Heated towel rails prevent mould 

Not only can they heat your towels during your bath or shower, but towel warmers also provide a valuable function after you're done using them. By leaving your towel on the towel radiator after use, it will remove dampness that may linger in your towels. Especially if you leave them crumpled or folded in a laundry bin! This is beneficial because by removing dampness, this can prevent the growth of mildew. Overtime, increased exposure to mildew and mould can cause your towels to develop a musty odour.

5. Heated towel rails are convenient 

Heated towel rails can bring you all of the above benefits without taking up too much room in your bathroom. Most heated towel rail designs are slim, and have a small projection off of your bathroom wall. This makes them incredibly versatile, as well as easy to install in any size bathroom. You have the choice between wall hung as well as freestanding designs.

Hang Your Old Radiator Out to Dry and take the leap with a heated towel rail for your bathroom!



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