Water Underfloor Heating

Shop our range of water underfloor heating. An effective way of providing your bathroom with heat throughout the year, water based underfloor heating uses the heat from water pipes to keep tiles toasty. Prefer an electric system? Try our electric underfloor heating range. Free standard UK delivery on orders over £499 at Victorian Plumbing.

A key benefit of water underfloor heating comes in its efficiency. Due to the fact that it covers a much larger area, water based underfloor heating can be effective by using water at lower temperatures than a radiator would. These systems can even be used to completely replace radiators, freeing up floor space in smaller bathrooms.

Our wet underfloor heating range includes a variety of UFH thermostats and wiring centres from trusted brands that have received acclaim for their quality. Heatmiser, for example, is a well-known British manufacturer of smart water underfloor heating products that give you total control over your system.

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Water underfloor heating (UFH), also known as a 'wet' system, integrates directly into your central heating setup. These systems involve a network of pipes carrying heated water laid within the subfloor. Read our FAQs below to find out more about how water UFH works, its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


How does water underfloor heating work?

A water underfloor heating system or 'wet' system links directly to your central heating system. A subfloor will hold a network of pipes running heated water across your floor. The warm water systems are designed to work best with your flooring type and the subflooring options.

With warm water underfloor heating systems, heated water is pumped around the property via a series of pipes embedded in the floor. Heat is monitored and controlled by intelligent thermostats to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the property or individual zones. Warm water systems are ideally suited to larger properties or those with lower levels of insulation, due to their higher heat output.


Is water underfloor heating efficient?

Water underfloor heating is an efficient way to heat your home. In contrast to traditional heating methods, underfloor heating gently warms the room, starting from the floor and moving upward.

Compared to electric systems, water-based underfloor heating is recognised for its energy efficiency due to working at lower temperatures. Optimal floor levelling techniques can further reduce the required flow temperature, resulting in additional cost savings. While water underfloor heating may have higher installation expenses, these costs are balanced by reduced running expenses when compared to electric systems.


How long does it take to install water underfloor heating?

While it will vary on various factors, installing water underfloor heating in a standard, new build house will take around 2 to 4 days in total. However, larger installations tend to take longer. When fitting the heating system into an existing property, substantial preparatory work is necessary before laying the pipes. Preparing the floor in advance can significantly reduce the amount of time installation will take, and also reduce fitting costs.