Shop our complete range of high quality radiators and let off some steam. Essential for heating your home and giving you control over ambient temperature, find all manner of stylish heating solutions. Available in an array of styles, colours, materials and sizes to suit diverse spaces, browse our radiators and get free standard UK delivery on all orders over £499.

With almost 1,000 radiators to choose from, you'll be certain to find something to suit your tastes - so no cold feet from now on. From minimalist and unobtrusive panel heaters to extravagant, large traditional radiators, there's something for everyone. Buy a new radiator online from our huge range today.

Put the rad in radiator. Made using only the finest materials, each radiator has been designed with longevity in mind. Many of our new radiators are provided by leading manufacturers such as Reina Radiators, Hudson Reed, and Keswick.

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Keswick Anthracite Grey Radiators - 600 x 1550mm Traditional 3 Column




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Great, look fabulous.

Marian VASKO from GLOUCESTERSHIRE- verified purchaser

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Urban Horizontal Radiator

23rd April 2024

Really pleased with the modern look to this new radiator.

Christine Throp from West Yorkshire- verified purchaser

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21st April 2024

Service was excellent from ordering to delivery.

Teresa Hoult from Lincolnshire- verified purchaser

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20th April 2024

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julie sullivan from Lincolnshire- verified purchaser


A radiator is necessary for keeping your home nice and warm. With such a wide choice available - including aluminium radiators - what are the key questions that you need answering when looking to buy a new radiator?


What should I look for when buying a radiator?

There are a number of different considerations when it comes to buying a new radiator. Perhaps the main consideration is size; heat output is dependent on the size of the radiator, so you'll want to ensure that this is enough to heat your room.

When it comes to size, there are a few further considerations. Firstly, there's the option of a more conventional horizontal radiator or a sleek and slimline vertical radiator. Secondly, when it comes to central heating radiators, you'll need to decide between a smaller radiator with a single row of convector fins or a larger radiator with two rows of conductive fins and a much higher heat output. Aside from size, you'll also want to make sure that your new radiator is compatible with your existing central heating system.

Even when you're sure of the size of radiator needed and compatibility, there are still a huge variety of options to choose from. Our full range of radiators includes standard central heating radiators, designer vertical radiators, modern horizontal radiators in black and anthracite finishes, and Victorian-style cast iron radiators for traditional spaces, as well as heated towel radiators which can be an ideal alternative to a normal radiator in smaller bathrooms.

Alongside our range of radiators, you can also browse our selection of smart heating accessories to further increase the energy efficiency of your home, including the ever popular Nest learning thermostat.


What size radiator do I need?

The size of your radiator involves accounting for potential heat loss, involving considerations like window size, the number of doors you have and the building materials used in constructing your property. Selecting an overly large radiator might prove uneconomical, while an undersized one may fail to achieve the desired room temperature. Determining the radiator size involves calculating the room's BTU requirement. Achieving the right heat output is key for optimal warmth without compromising efficiency. To find out more about BTU, read our guide on how to calculate BTU.


How often should a radiator be replaced?

Radiators generally last a long time; you should expect your new radiator to last at least fifteen to twenty years. If your radiators are nearing this kind of age, then it would be worth keeping an eye on their performance. Bear in mind that, with manufacturing and technological advances, modern radiators are much more energy efficient than older ones, meaning that you can often save money in the long run if you replace outdated, under-performing radiators.


Are double radiators better than singles?

In terms of heat output, the simple answer is yes. Double radiators emit more heat than single panel radiators, as they have a second heating panel incorporated into their design. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that they are always the best choice. The level of heat output needed is dependent on the size of room you need to heat so, for smaller rooms, a small single radiator might actually be a better choice.