We run through some of our favourite pieces of white bathroom inspiration, with some helpful tips and ideas from our white bathroom inspiration Pinterest board.

We're always scouring the internet and our favourite magazines in search of bathroom style tips and trends we can pass on to our customers (as well as picking up ideas for our own homes too!). One look which we've seen over and over again and has never become old is the white bathroom.

Whilst many trends come and go (carpeting bathrooms, can we all agree this is a bad idea?), the simple-but-ever-so-effective white bathroom has really stood the test of time. Clean white lines and bright white walls have long been a favourite because they work with a wide variety of bathroom fixtures and fittings, whilst giving us the sterile but soft cleanliness needed in the bathroom.

We've even noticed trends within this look, from super high gloss white bathroom furniture used in favourite modern white bathrooms to softer, more rough-around-the-edges applications in the newest emerging looks. Who could have predicted the rise in chipped white floorboards we're seeing in all of the home magazines this year?

So, we're asking - What is the new classic white bathroom?

We think it is a well thought-out bathroom which mixes both contemporary white bathrooms with traditional white touches. Think about whites used with bold metals, such as a traditional roll top bath with huge statement bath taps. Whites used shouldn't be cheap looking or even cheap-feeling. We think if your budget allows for it, splash out on ceramics that both look great and are going to stay put.

If you're not a fan of the 100% white bathroom look, try adding a little more depth by using colours such as grey and nude, which will look great with chrome accessories. We've even noticed the odd splashes of gold, orange, yellow and apple green in all white rooms for a fun, personal touch.

We've complied a great Pinterest board on our favourite looks, so you can get some real white bathroom inspiration and make some great choices with your new bathroom fixtures. Why not head over to our range of bathroom suites, buying your ceramics is an easy place to start, and deciding on style choices should become a little easier.