The Best Shower Enclosures For Small Bathrooms

By Ahlam Abdulaziz

16th Aug 2023

4 mins read

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Planning a small bathroom remodel? We look at some of the best space-saving shower enclosures available.

The Best Shower Enclosures For Small Bathrooms

Small enclosures on small budgets
Decisions, decisions
The choice is yours

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When planning a bathroom overhaul, a large section of the UK population set their sights on small bathroom ideas. The simple reason for this is that a lot of British bathrooms don’t happen to be particularly spacious. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, in fact there’s a certain charm and character that comes with a well-finished small bathroom that’s hard to replicate in a larger setting.

One of the key areas to think about when designing a small bathroom is what fittings to go for. Sure the toilet and basin will need to be considered, but the big question is whether to go for a bath or a shower? There are numerous showers for small spaces or small bath options, such as P shaped or L shaped shower baths, and corner baths for example. While these are great options, what we’d recommend in a really small bathroom is a stylish shower enclosure, also knowns as a shower cubicle.

There are numerous benefits to be gained from the installation of a small shower cubicle. Firstly, they don’t take up too much room, especially if you go for the smallest size of 700 x 700mm. This is the first thing to consider if you’re trying to optimise your available space.

Secondly, they come in a variety of styles and hey, they happen to look pretty good too! They also allow you to choose from a variety of showers as most enclosures are very accommodating. Fancy a sleek, modern power shower? Sure thing. How about a tasteful rigid riser kit with an attractive rose head? No problem!

Enclosures are surprisingly versatile, as are shower trays. So whether you’re redesigning a small bathroom, guest bathroom or perhaps an en-suite, we’ll reveal some of the best small shower cubicles available and detail why they might be exactly what you’re looking for.

5 Small Enclosures that Fit Small Budgets

Once you’ve scoured all the small shower enclosure ideas and zeroed in on an option, it’s time to think about your budget. If you happen to be working to a particularly tight budget then your priority will be keeping the costs down.

But this doesn’t mean that you’ve got to compromise in any way - there are plenty of small shower cubicles out there that are stylish as well as practical, and in this blog we’re going to showcase some of the best available options.

One of our newest designs is the space saving Newark Quadrant Shower Enclosure, which is available in the remarkable dimensions of 700 x 700mm, making it absolutely perfect for extremely small bathrooms or en-suites.

There’s more to our Newark Enclosure than meets the eye, as not only is its compact nature ideal for when space is tight, but it’s also a great choice if you’re trying to be frugal with your funds. What’s more it’s also stylish, with its sleek, contemporary design certain to complement more modern bathrooms. If you’ve been searching for a very small shower cubicle that ticks all the right boxes then this is definitely a strong contender.

If you’ve got a slightly bigger budget, and fancy giving your small bathroom or en-suite an ultra-modern makeover then the Apollo 800 x 800mm Quadrant Enclosure features an attractive frameless design, giving it a minimalist appearance. A great choice if you’re putting a super-sleek guest bathroom together!

Decisions, decisions

If you’re looking for an alternative to regular quadrant shower enclosures then there are plenty of options available that’ll be better suited to different tastes and requirements.

A classic square design, such as the Ella Corner Entry Shower Enclosure, will allow you to prioritise space in a small bathroom while also staying within a more limited budget. Square shower cubicles are typically more compact in size which makes them ideal candidates for smaller spaces such as guest bathrooms or en-suites. Like quadrant shower enclosures they’re also available in a wide range of sleek finishes so again they tick several key boxes.

Another option would be to go for an offset enclosure. These designs are ideal for where there’s a little bit more room available, however examples such as our Newark Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure are available in relatively small sizes as well as larger dimensions, making them worth your consideration in small to mid-sized bathrooms.

The final option we have for you is this sleek Monza offset quadrant shower enclosure. With its polished chrome finish, you'll be able to transform your bathroom into a stylish shower area. This small shower cubicle does not only look good, but it's also highly functional featuring sliding doors with 6mm toughened safety glass and quick release wheels for easy access.

The choice is yours

Ultimately, choosing the right small shower enclosure for your bathroom all comes down to a matter of personal preference as much as anything else. Hopefully this blog will make you more aware that there’s an abundance of space saving designs out there to pick from and highlighted a few key ideas for you. Remember, a bathroom that’s small in size can still be big in personality!



Ahlam is one of our bathroom design and DIY experts. Read her blog posts for easy-to-follow guides and insightful tips on how to elevate the look of your bathroom.

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