On-trend Lighting Options for Every Room of Your Home

By George

23rd Dec 2019

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Impeccable lighting design can quickly make even the dreariest of spaces feel like a million dollars.

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When decorating or renovating a space, most people prioritise the big purchases. Bathroom suites, sofas and those other substantial bits of furniture are almost always at the top of the list.

Effective lighting, however, can often be the most instrumental factor when setting the tone of a room. Choose poorly and that dream living room could leave you feeling cold. Choose well and that cosy living space will be made that bit warmer!

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of as many rooms we could think of to give you top tips on which on-trend lighting options to opt for.

Kitchen Lighting
Living Room Lighting
Bedroom Lighting
Bathroom Lighting
Hallway Lighting
Other Lighting Options?

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Kitchen Lighting


Possibly the only room in the home where good lighting is as important as it is in bathrooms. Poorly lit kitchens can result in all manner of cooking mishaps, so it’s imperative that you keep all of your worktops and dining spaces adequately illuminated.

Fortunately, Victorian Plumbing’s kitchen lighting range has you covered:

Revive Chrome Spotlight Bar - 4 Light Split - A practical yet sophisticated option for those in need of ample kitchen lighting, this Revive Chrome Spotlight Bar will heighten the style of almost any contemporary setting. The four reflective spotlights are evenly spaced on a split bar and mounted to the ceiling via a sleek circular plate.

This modern kitchen lighting fitting allows you to shine light precisely to where you need it. Each spotlight can be individually adjusted and the arms themselves swivel to ensure your entire space can be covered. It also benefits from the use of integrated LED lamps, that use up to 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Revive Stainless Steel Rectangular Under Cabinet Light - For those trickier to reach spots, under cabinet lights are the way to go. With its slimline profile and efficient LEDs, this Revive stainless steel kitchen lighting option will ensure that all of your cooking is conducted in safely lit conditions!

Great for placing under cabinets to illuminate sinks, worktops and other appliances for an attractive ultra-modern look. Available in cool white or warm white to match your home’s specific lighting.

Living Room Lighting


Another part of the home in which light plays a crucial role. The living room is likely the room that you spend most of your waking hours in! So, no corners should be cut when it comes to its lighting design. Your living room lighting should give your space lots of character and warmth, making it as inviting as possible. A space to encourage relaxation during the week and one in which to entertain guests at weekends.

Our living room lighting collection features designs to complement all decors, but here are a few of our favourites:

Revive 30cm Ceramic Wall Uplighter - Minimalist ceramic wall uplighters, like this option from Revive, are a surefire way of providing a living space with soothing ambient light without detracting from your decor. Consider implementing a handful of these as a key component of your living room lighting design, or as a replacement for floor lamps.

The uplighter itself can be painted over once installed to create a truly seamless look in both modern and traditional living rooms. Trending towards the end of 2019, we think you’ll be seeing a lot more of these in the new year!

Revive Clear Glass Ball Pendant Ceiling Light, 25cm - Though straightforward and uncomplicated, pendant lights have been a tried and tested living room lighting solution for decades. However, in recent years more distinctive living room lighting designs have emerged. This Revive Clear Glass Ball Pendant utterly exudes luxury and, if installed centrally, can provide your entire living room with warm all-encompassing light.

The smooth clear glass dome is complemented by a polished chrome light fitting, designed to house a single decorative E27 filament bulb. Best suited to modern decor, your living space will massively benefit from its understated, elegant design.

Bedroom Lighting


From functional bedside lamps to soothing ceiling lights. You’ll likely need a handful of different option. Bedroom lighting is highly unique in that it needs to serve several different purposes. You’ll need different kinds of light for reading, relaxing and even getting dressed - all while keeping a uniform style.

Take a peek at some of the most popular bedroom lighting options:

Revive Antique Brass Adjustable Wall Light - A suave modern option for those avid bedtime readers. This antique brass wall light boasts an elegant square shade as well as an additional reading light on an adjustable arm. This can be used to direct a beam of light to wherever you need it, allowing you to race through those page-turners without having to disturb your partner!

We suggest opting for a pair of these and mounting one above each of your bedside tables for a clean, consistent look. Eco-conscious? This adjustable light uses an energy-saving integrated LED lamp.

Revive Wired LED Closet Light with Twin Motion Sensor - We’ve all been there. You and your partner are up for work at different hours. Whoever is up earliest sneaks silently out of bed...only to startle the other awake with the blinding light of your ceiling fitting. It doesn’t have to be this way. Need something to solve your bedroom lighting woes? This Revive closet light, with its innovative twin motion sensor, is the solution.

Upon opening the door, the light will instantly illuminate the contents of your closet allowing you to pick your outfits without waking any light sleepers. Its twin PIR sensors make it ideal for installation between left and right wardrobe doors.

Bathroom Lighting


When it comes to bathroom lighting, brighter is almost always better. High visibility is essential for those steamy showers and dazzling light will also work to keep you on your toes when it comes to hygiene. You’re a lot more likely to be tough on grime and lime if you can physically see it!

It’s also paramount that your bathroom lighting choices have suitable protection for whichever bathroom zone you decide to install them in. Unsure? You can check out our guide on bathroom electrical zones here. Now let’s get to those bathroom lighting recommendations:

Scorpius Bathroom Light - A trio of bright spotlights secured to the ceiling via a mirrored chrome ceiling plate. This sensational Scorpius bathroom light will provide slick modern looks and practical illumination for the bathroom. Each spotlight is fully adjustable, giving you complete control over your bathroom’s lighting.

The light fittings themselves are highly versatile, allowing you to choose either traditional halogen or energy-efficient LED GU10 bulbs. An IP44 water-resistance rating makes this light suitable for use in zones 2 and 3.

Corvus Modern Bathroom Light - An alternative looking wall-mounted option, the Corvus Modern features a streamlined contemporary look. A twin frosted diffusers hang from a gently curved chrome arm, attached to the wall via a tidy wall panel.

The light itself is activated by a simple pull-chord. This cleverly acts as a safety feature, preventing you from ever having to touch a light switch. The Corvus will provide an aura of sophistication wherever it is position, but we’re especially fond of placing these above bathroom mirrors!

Hallway Lighting


Hallways and foyers are where guests get their all-important first impressions of your home’s interiors, so it’s vital that you spare no expense here. Bold, grandiose looks are key, with chandeliers being the most useful tool for heightening the effect of your space.

Here are our recommended hallway lighting options, handpicked for their uniquely inviting vibes:

Revive Chrome Ceiling Chandelier - 5 Light - A splendid 5 light chandelier that manages to meld traditional and modern design cues to great effect. This chrome fitting consists of five sweeping arms suspended by a tasteful chain. Each of the five light fittings is enhanced by a white shade adorned with crystal beads.

This option will effortlessly catch the eye in almost any modern setting and serve to add warmth to any size of hallway.

Revive Black Cartwheel Chandelier Light - A massively polarising chandelier, you’ll either love or hate this remarkably distinctive black cartwheel light. With its gothic design cues and wrought iron finish, it’s truly one for those with extravagant tastes.

When illuminated, the candle-look fittings create a warm, atmospheric look that is most effective when situated among quirky decor.

Other Lighting Options?


While we’ve covered all of the key parts of the home, we’re certain that there will be some of you looking for other interior lighting solutions. So whether its small lamps for bedside tables, standing lamps or even outdoor lighting you’ll find all this and more in our extensive new lighting range.

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