How to Enhance Your Home with Stunning Ceiling Lights

By George

11th Dec 2019

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When it comes to interior design, great ceiling lighting is more important than you think!

How to Enhance Your Home with Stunning Ceiling Lights

You’ve renovated the bathroom, painted the hallway and retiled the kitchen floor. Yet something still feels a bit...off.

Looking up, you see basic white pendant fittings and ceiling lights covered by dusty old shades. We all know that your home deserves better than this! Unfortunately, with all of the exciting ways to upgrade the look of your home, ceiling lights are likely quite far down on your list.

Quality lighting, however, offers a quick and affordable way to greatly improve the style of almost any space with ease. With this in mind, we thought we’d detail a few on-trend types of ceiling lights and offer some expert advice on where to implement them.

Eye-catching Pendant Lighting
Sophisticated Chandelier Lights
Semi-Flush and Flush Ceiling Lights
Other Ceiling Lighting Options?

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Eye-catching Pendant Lighting

A popular choice that can be used in almost any room, eye-catching pendant lighting can quickly heighten the character of a space while providing you with crucial warm light.

In their simplest form, pendant lights are effectively light fittings suspended from the ceiling via a cable. These minimalist cable pendant lights (such this black Revive pendant) can add a touch of elegance when paired with decorative filament bulbs.

In recent years, more elaborate and decorative pendant lighting options have emerged. From sleek glass domes to retro-inspired diner lights, pendant options are now available in a variety of finishes to complement all kinds of decor. With our exciting and expansive new range, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your space.

Check out a few of our top pendant picks below:

Revive Chrome Industrial Pendant Light - Retro-inspired but with a fresh modern finish, this intriguing pendant lighting option boasts a durable stainless steel build with an acrylic diffuser and is suspended from a strong metal chain. With its metal clasps and large steel shade, this industrial-look pendant light can bring a refined look to any modern kitchen or dining area.

It’s a versatile kitchen lighting choice too. For smaller spaces, just a single one of these dazzling pendants will act as a focal point and provide you with that all-important light. Alternatively, for larger areas, we’d recommend implementing a handful of these pendants to create a lavishly illuminated kitchen space.

Revive Globe Pendant Light - Smoked Glass - A sleek and luxurious pendant lighting option for bedrooms and living rooms, this smoked glass globe light simply oozes high-end designer vibes. The light’s ornate chrome fitting features gentle curves that lead to the pendant’s gorgeous smoked shade.

An outstanding bedroom lighting choice that can add tonnes of character and cosy light. For added convenience, the pendant’s drop can even be adjusted to suit a variety of ceiling heights. This particular pendant is designed to be used in conjunction with a stylish range of E27 filament bulbs, all of which work to give off truly unique lighting effects reminiscent of vintage bulbs.


Sophisticated Chandelier Lights

When it comes to ceiling lights, opulent chandelier lights are by far the most iconic and desirable options available. These extravagant hanging lights often feature intricately detailed branches which elegantly carry candle bulbs, ideal for creating a dramatic impression in the home.

Best suited to open spaces and high ceilings in which they can make the most impact, chandelier lights can also be found in more compact designs. These small chandeliers will allow you to achieve a similarly grandiose look without taking up precious space. You’ll find classical crystal chandelier lights and modern alternative options in a range of finishes in our new collection of Revive chandeliers.

Have a sneak preview at two of our favourites from the collection:

Revive Black 5-Light Chandelier Ceiling Fitting - A remarkable traditionally-inspired chandelier with an unconventional piano black finish, this Revive 5-light chandelier light can effortlessly heighten the luxury feel of any space. An intricate centre column supports five equally detailed branches, all adorned with numerous acrylic black droplets.

With its quality rivalling some chandelier lights found at many times its price, this Revive option offers incredible value for money. Consider introducing it in cosy living spaces, or install it in tall hallways for an engaging centrepiece.

Revive Chrome Crystal Chandelier - 6 Light - An incredible choice for period hallways and living spaces, this Revive 6-light chandelier truly epitomises traditional chandelier looks in a compact form factor. Crystal drapes, beads, and distinctive chrome detailing combine to produce a remarkable two-tiered effect. The chandelier’s six candle lights then amplify the look further, passing through the crystals to create mesmerising patterns of light.

The relatively compact size of this enticing chandelier light makes it suitable for almost any kind of living space. Add a few of them to larger hallways or opt for a single one in a small, traditional living room to create a truly luxurious space.


Tighter Spaces? Go for Semi-Flush and Flush Ceiling Lights!

For those with seriously low ceilings, pendant lighting and chandelier lights may not be an option. That’s where flush and semi-flush ceiling lights come in.

While pendants and chandeliers are hung from the ceiling via cables and chains, flush and semi-flush ceiling lights are designed to be fitted tight to the ceiling without any drop. This makes them highly effective in making tight spaces feel more open.

The difference between flush and semi-flush lighting, you ask? Flush lighting is fitted flat to the ceiling without any gaps. semi-flush lighting attaches to the ceiling via a small stem or extension that creates a small gap, allowing the fitting to cast light upwards as well as down into the room.

Available in a huge variety of styles to suit kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas, you’ll find quality compact options across our range.

We’ve hand-picked a couple of the most popular options below:

Revive Chrome Rings Semi-Flush Chandelier Ceiling Light - With its gleaming chrome rings and acrylic inserts this Revive chandelier ceiling light boasts a lot of similarities with the lavish modern chandeliers mentioned above. However, this semi-flush alternative benefits from its sleek, space-saving design.

Attached via a mirrored ceiling plate the light’s reflective surface further enhances the illusion of more space, making it an ideal living room lighting option for those wanting to make spaces feel a bit roomier.

Revive Encased Flush Glass Ceiling Light - A flush ceiling option for those with grand and distinguished tastes, this Revive ceiling light features an array of striking aluminium rods that serve to delicately reflect light around its magnificent glass dome.

Equally at home in both bedrooms and living rooms, the Revive Encased Flush Glass Ceiling Light is an utterly superlative choice for anyone opting for a high-end designer look.


Other Ceiling Lighting Options?

While we’ve done our best to give you advice on as many types of ceiling lights as we can, our all-encompassing lighting range includes even more solutions for all of your lighting needs. From bar lights to LED spotlights, floor lamps to under cabinet lights; explore our entire stock here.


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